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  1. It looks like we are looking a bit light on numbers for a race night this week, unless we get a few walk ins. I will set up the track and if any one wants to come for a play we could run some system checks in a no pressure situation.
  2. Are people interested in this racing this week, or is everyone winding up for the coming long weekend? “Warbirds over Awatoto” is on too. If there are enough takers I can tidy up and offer racing at “Bahia Vista”. week 1 1) BTCC 2) Muscle cars 3) 1965-1980 sports
  3. Yes thanks for last night, I was feeling a bit deflated but some quality track time perked me up.
  4. When you’re done do you want to visit my place, I only have 8 years to sort.......
  5. Because I raised the height of my track to provide more storage underneath I have been experimenting with drivers steps. I have concluded that those tall people - looking at you Mac, have a real advantage.
  6. Smithy came to have a run, he said nice things about the track. And I managed a 7.000 lap on blue lane - it’s game on.
  7. Ok, El Marco has set the bar at 6.945 sec. I need more practice to get under 7.2 secs.
  8. ok it is that season again so Merry Xmas to you all , and wishing you happiness and prosperity in 2021. I will be about on Monday afternoon on the 28th December if anyone is at a loose end, and needing a break from drinking and eating. there are a few minor issues with the rebuild, some of my slot joints need a light sand were the alignment is a bit off, mainly affecting wood guides, and your front wheels need to be on the track. solutions/polite suggestions welcome.
  9. I will be there. "Bahia Vista" is nearly complete, I just need a classier power off switch , and some sanding and painting in the new infield. Oh and a lot of cleaning followed by getting some rubber laid.
  10. Track wiring is doing my head in. But I think I have cracked it, my careful labelling of wires before I cut them failed due to mixing up the wires I was labelling, and the odd label falling off. Track construction is not quite finished but I got sidetracked and red lane is working, no track call button or power off yet.
  11. Thanks Mark, good racing was done. I am sure Bronwen will be really happy with that slot car that fell into my box for xmas.
  12. I have to move the drivers stations, the track is a bit higher - more storage underneath, so apart from Mac and Ryan we would need boxes to stand on to see the top of the flyover. I should get the braid recesses routed tomorrow, then onto painting the new section.
  13. Thanks Mac, I like the 2 1/2 minutes, it makes my lap count look more respectable.
  14. I have been playing at extending my "straight".
  15. Ps. All good at home. The neighbour has been turning the sprinklers on regularly.
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