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  1. I will be in town and barring unforeseen circumstances I will attend on the 17th.
  2. Unfortunately Bahia Vista won’t be available for Fly Classics next week due to an unexpected trip to Christchurch for family reasons. We are then away in Sydney/Canberra for 2 weeks. I will have forgotten how to slot car by the time I get back.
  3. Hands up who knows how many places in my Slot cave a "Slot.It DTM motor", that was missing in action the last night, could be lurking. Talk about a time wasting exercise before I found it.
  4. I think we have more liberal DTM rules to accomodate other brands of cars. http://www.auslot.com/forums/index.php?/topic/17456-hawkes-bay-racing-rules/
  5. Thank’s SlotsNZ, all installed. I must practice running a race night , instead of co-opting guests.
  6. Yes indeed we did Munter. I think we did an extra night at Marks pre DTM racing. The 4 tracks, 5 week rotation should have worked but............
  7. Advance notice Week 3 1 Aussie V8 2 Fly Classics 3 LMP Racing Thursday 18th July at my place, Bahia Vista (Bay View).
  8. Bronwen commented on the photo of Chris “he’s eating”. I may have mentioned on occasion that Chris likes his food!
  9. Thanks to Mac for hosting, Mark for organising, race catering for super sustenance for the troops! Oh and great photos Mac. They paint a great picture of our passion and camaraderie.
  10. I am happy to host this coming Thursday the 11th, but would prefer the following week Thursday the 18th. We are away for a period from the 27th. How are you placed Pat?
  11. The weather Forecast suggests we are lucky Mac has supplied a new roof for “Thunder Road Raceway”.
  12. Some irreversible engineering went into that guide change, I will use that chassis for something else.
  13. Thanks Mac, I had some good dices tonight. Dang, my BTCC doesn’t have a stock guide!
  14. The Fly is Olifer, Scaleys are the plastic? Scaley PCR (free with car from Pendle).
  15. All mine are podded, the Scaleys are digital, switchable to analogue, 14k motor and 50mm wide. The Fly has an 18k motor (I think), and is 55.5mm wide.
  16. oh dear this is looking a bit sad on a public forum which could be our conduit to more punters. Best we have a talkfest when next we meet.
  17. I’m glad we have moved on as some of my cars area bit dodgy. Not my BTCC (yet), it’s arrival is imminent.
  18. Looks like I may have the same bodyshell as Mac, not a problem, one will be fast, one will be slow. As long as we remember which is which it won’t be a issue.
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