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  1. Thanks guys, it helped identify a couple of issues, we probably need at least one more marshall, maybe two more, at least until people get the hang of the track. Car set up is crucial. I am quietly really pleased with how the extension has changed the nature of the track.

    A couple of minutes with the steel rule after everyone left identified the issue on blue lane on the front straight, I will get onto fixing that next week. I haven’t looked at the section going up the overpass yet, but as that only upset one of Marks cars so..............

    Thunderslots are the best, mine was nearly as fast as Mac’s best track lap of 6.77secs.


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  2. 13 minutes ago, slotmadmac said:

    I am struggling to get back into work mode and have been sneaking off early this week. I decided it was time to completely sort out my collection of parts; the second time I have done this properly in 25 years. Talk about opening a can or worms! 11 hours, split over two nights, later... 11 solid hours! I'll never find anything now. 

    When you’re done do you want to visit my place, I only have 8 years to sort.......

  3. ok it is that season again so Merry Xmas to you all , and wishing you happiness and prosperity in 2021.

    I will be about on Monday afternoon on the 28th December if anyone is at a loose end, and needing a break from drinking and eating.

    there are a few minor issues with the rebuild, some of my slot joints need a light sand were the alignment is a bit off, mainly affecting wood guides, and your front wheels need to be on the track.

    solutions/polite suggestions welcome.

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