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  1. I’m unlikely to be back from lunch in Taupo so best to mark me as not available this week .
  2. I can do Bahia Vista this week if it works for peeps. Week 3 1 Aussie V8 2 Fly Classics 3 LMP Next week is dodgy for me, being pre-Easter, people heading off?? and I have lunch scheduled in Taupo which could run long.
  3. Weather on Waiheke is mint. We are just off the ferry and having lunch before heading home.
  4. I had better stop building furniture for the house and get back to my DTM build.
  5. I don’t know where but I am out this week, a concert/dance event apparently. I will be potentially be about a little less this year due to having chauffeur duties, while Bronwen is not able to drive.
  6. My legends prep. I did not remove the tyres from the wheels, or the wheels from the axles. Just popped out axles and glue and true. Superglue on fronts. I lowered the chassis, in hindsight this probably was not necessary, all bushes JB welded in place. I forgot the side play in the front axle on 2 of the cars, so they still have some side to side play. Guides were too sloppy for my liking so I replaced them with scale auto ones I had on hand. Replaced motor wires, glued motors in place. Added a chunk of church roof in the middle, to approx 75 gms running weight. 2 of the house class cars got superglue on the spur gear in the build, as they were loose, I fear the spur and wheel may be superglued together. the 3rd car felt ok so it was not glued but was spinning on the night!! I did not add a guide adapter, brain fade, I will add them. The cars come with 12 tooth pinion and a 13 tooth for high speed tracks. I will compromise by replacing the spurs with 32 teeth, down from 33 teeth. this is about equivalent to a 12.5 tooth pinion? I am ok with the plastic pinion gear. They feel subtly different, easier to drive, but that my be just because I am playing alone when the cars always go better.
  7. All good, mine will be available from time to time for a change. When I get some time I have other potential odd ball house class cars. Thanks for the comments about the track, I am pleased with how it has changed for the better, and of course I liked it before.
  8. I have replaced the gear on my red car that failed. I guess i need to visit the the local Slot.it pusher to update the axle/spur on the other two, especially as the I took the opportunity to change the ratio.
  9. Or if I prep another car we can swap out Australian Touring Cars for Pioneer legends as a house class.
  10. ..................... Week 5 1 Australian Touring Cars 2 Scalextric F1 3 GT3
  11. Bahia Vista is available if I give it a big tidy up, week 5 I think which would be ......
  12. Thanks Pat, I will get the hang of your track one day. Apologies for slipping away early, my tea leaves were giving me mixed messages.
  13. Thanks guys, it helped identify a couple of issues, we probably need at least one more marshall, maybe two more, at least until people get the hang of the track. Car set up is crucial. I am quietly really pleased with how the extension has changed the nature of the track. A couple of minutes with the steel rule after everyone left identified the issue on blue lane on the front straight, I will get onto fixing that next week. I haven’t looked at the section going up the overpass yet, but as that only upset one of Marks cars so.............. Thunderslots are the best, mine was nearly as fast as Mac’s best track lap of 6.77secs.
  14. Shed tidy? Track cleaned, grip - maybe, hopefully I haven’t missed too many potential issues, eg staples holding wires underneath poking into the bottom of the slot.
  15. It looks like we are looking a bit light on numbers for a race night this week, unless we get a few walk ins. I will set up the track and if any one wants to come for a play we could run some system checks in a no pressure situation.
  16. Are people interested in this racing this week, or is everyone winding up for the coming long weekend? “Warbirds over Awatoto” is on too. If there are enough takers I can tidy up and offer racing at “Bahia Vista”. week 1 1) BTCC 2) Muscle cars 3) 1965-1980 sports
  17. Yes thanks for last night, I was feeling a bit deflated but some quality track time perked me up.
  18. When you’re done do you want to visit my place, I only have 8 years to sort.......
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