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  1. Carnage on Wongy's track with the Spirit Pugs last night!.


    For sure I found the Pug a handfull. I think more practive with the knobs on the controller can tame it - a little.


    I was pleased with how the scaly F1 Pat handed down to me went. I found the rear wing front and centre on my workbench - duh.


    My truck went MUCH better, faster and better brakes, for trimming and fiddling with the braids.


    All good learning





  2. Thanks guys, another positive new experience.


    I was really pleased the driving lessons meant I wasn't as slow as I feared.


    I can see doing lots of laps getting addictive.


    Any lapse in concentration either meant a return to my old cruise on part throttle mode, or perhaps worse forgetting to snap the throttle shut to get all of what braking was available.


    Learnt the importance of reliability in an endurance event.


    All good




    So anyone who would be interested to come over for a couple or 3 hours, bring some cars, holler with your time preference - morning or afternoon.


    I'm easy, afternoon is easier, allows time for walk and a few chores, but either is fine.


    Oh Oh I have been pretending I wasn't going to start spending (more) on another hobby, I'm not sure Bronwen was buying into the myth anyway.




  4. Thanks from me also, especially to Mac for the clear way he explained to me the guiding principle of racing - use full throttle!


    Seriously I was pleased with the nights racing, besides the tips on driving, I found first hand some of the ways to make my cars more reliable, and why I need to glue more bits in. Not to mention learning the sound that a crown gear makes when it is missing a tooth.





  5. I'm just a little anxious about the Harmon Memorial Meeting. I've not yet been able to see any free time to get to Dave's to try and improve my speed? Next week is busy with visitors. My plastic track is smallish, temporary, at floor level, and lacking borders so hard to get a a much of speed up, not to mention my cars set up has a way to go. I think as a newby I'll be a bit of a dead weight driving, and I'd hate to spoil someones day.


    I'm happy to just come and observe, and I'm super keen to see how the car set up is done. (Even at the expense of missing a group Motorcycle ride, or car trip if the weather gods were against us).


    Oh and I don't know the location of the track for this week.





  6. I think I could get enthusiastic about slots, they are clearly more technical than they would look on the surface.


    Ok the learning starts. clearly taking the cars out of their box is not enough preparation.


    First an easy lesson.


    My truck.

    Sprung guide shoe, BUT the braid was holding the guide up so only half the available depth was in the slot Duh.


    With the number of cars to sort out this could be a long term project.


    I'd better get on with gluing and truing tyres.




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