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  1. I always thought not to buy die cast cars because there would always be one more, and they didn't run. Unfortunately there is always one more slot car, and they do run. Wishing all slot addicts a Merry Xmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Cheers Peter
  2. Checked my Camaros but as I don't go fast enough to crash mine all all good. Thanks for the night, and the year, hopefully I'll squeeze in some time to tune some cars over the break, and come back stronger in the New Year. Had fun. All the best to all, hope you get all the prezzies you want. Cheers Peter
  3. I spotted that last night, I saw you had seen it, it would just fit. But.................thinking. Cheers Peter
  4. Oh dear, you need to test all lanes. Trucks are a tad taller, this could have been a problem, but easily fixed by an extra prop to lift the decending track a tad. Learning on the job. Peter
  5. Well my plastic track (Carrera), is coming along nicely, a huge learning curve, but good practice for the next one. Started as a quick job, buy table tennis table, 1520mm x 2740mm, lay out track. Then I thought if I put a sheet + of mdf on to protect it, it could be 1670mm x 2900mm. Short test was ok but it lacked a meaningful straight. Then Mark came and immediately suggested adding 1200mm on one end, so now it is 1670mm x 4280mm and I'm stopping there - for now. Just a couple more barriers for the new straights. One day I may get around to painting the borders. And I've thought of painting the track too, one day. Oh and dual use digital/analogue. All good Peter
  6. Potential turning to custard situation postponed until next week. I can come to Mac's on Thursday after all. Cheers Peter
  7. Congratulations for the nuptials. I'm looking unlikely this week, potential custard situation looming. Cheers Peter
  8. Yeah thanks guys, i,m still a bit slow, but not as far behind in the '60-85' class. Watch you back Ross, no wait that sounds wrong. Clearly a sorted car helps, I'll true the tread off the rears as we don't race in the wet. Cartrix should be better once I glue on the loose wheel - at least it didn't fall off! Muscle car is a work in progress. I'd better be careful, i may become addicted. Cheers Peter
  9. Oh well the weather is fine and tomorrow "we" are off on a garden ramble. All good, perhaps I should be working on this weeks cars in my spare time, rather than last weeks, or cars that don't fit anyway but could be fun to have a run with. Cheers Peter
  10. I would like to come, especially if I can convert some of the parts on my bench into runners. I need to do a bit more thinking on my truck racing, besides putting the current truck back together, it does go better without the cab though......... More track time to sort out a few eye/track/throttle timing issues might help too. Thanks for last night. Cheers Peter
  11. Great news. I don't have much in the way of building skills, but I do have heaps of gear, I'm sure time can be re-allocated from my hectic schedule to help. Cheers Peter ps Perhaps after Dave extends your garage we could put another story on my bach.
  12. New schedule, difficult to do racing tonight. I will drop off brownies on our way home. Have fun Peter
  13. My best laid plans have turned to custard. I'll be here this week. Cheers Peter
  14. I've been test routing some track borders, jeez I had forgotten how much mess routing chipboard makes. It also seems almost as much work as doing a track - but that is for the future. For now I need something to test cars actually run, and get a minor mid week fix. I'm most likely be away at "Hampton Downs" this Thursday. Cheers Peter
  15. Not sure about this, it would add a degree of difficulty to the next enduro. Cheers Peter
  16. I'm really trying not to spend more money, but I'm thinking it doesn't cost much/any more to start with a good new car, than upgrade a shelf queen. I worry about excess baggage if we get to Europe (Spain) next year. All good Peter
  17. I should have considered that aspect, I am clearly lacking Bronwen's skill at seeing fish hooks in proposals. Cheers Peter
  18. SlotsNZ No one has commented on this from yesterday, so repeating, as we need to make a decision early next week. We would each need to chip in say $10 to pay for an advert and listing. Do we want to do this to attract (potentially) new members? I am for it. I'm happy to contribute, it could be a good route to no longer being the new guy. Cheers Peter
  19. I'm ok to bring the car thanks, I need to drop Bronwen off on the way. Cheers Peter
  20. For sure I found the Pug a handfull. I think more practive with the knobs on the controller can tame it - a little. I was pleased with how the scaly F1 Pat handed down to me went. I found the rear wing front and centre on my workbench - duh. My truck went MUCH better, faster and better brakes, for trimming and fiddling with the braids. All good learning Cheers Peter
  21. Thanks guys, another positive new experience. I was really pleased the driving lessons meant I wasn't as slow as I feared. I can see doing lots of laps getting addictive. Any lapse in concentration either meant a return to my old cruise on part throttle mode, or perhaps worse forgetting to snap the throttle shut to get all of what braking was available. Learnt the importance of reliability in an endurance event. All good Cheers Peter
  22. What do I need to bring to the Harmon? Controller, attitude, food & drink, anything else? Cheers Peter
  23. Sounds good Mark, see you 1pm ish. That will give me time to see what I could use some help with. Yes it is a Carrera, I took the resistors out of the power wires today, what are they about? I may put some stuff in my shopping basket. Cheers Peter
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