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  1. 40 minutes ago, thesnake said:

    I’ll be there. Only for two classes though. Both my Nascars are undriveable (I mean, who is surprised really?) 

    First Visit to Bahia Vista for the reptile. I know it’s somewhere in Bayview...where is the exact location?? Thanks in advance! 

    We can probably find a spare Nascar for you.

    I have messaged you the location.


  2. All wiring out, weight in middle, pinion/spur/axle - mostly after slipping gears, tyres - true and treat, guide.

    Not needed mods to my house cars??  Lowered, but in hindsight that was overkill, and 32 tooth spurs (stock 33t), but that was was I had on hand..

    I can't remember anything else, could be senior moments.

    I have ScaleAuto guides, which reminds me some are a fraction tight.

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  3. 2 hours ago, slotmadmac said:

    I just picked up a Pioneer legend. I know there has been some discussion about racing these  at some point. I'm keen if we are.  

    Are we thinking stock but we can swap out the plastic gear and put decent tyres on them? 

    Mine I changed the guides because they were pretty sloppy, standard tyres, replaced the gears - 1 tooth less on the spur.

  4. 4 hours ago, Capri-corn7 said:

    Pedro's little Elva was amazing to watch. A great drive too...

    Thanks Mark, a good turnout, great fun.

    That Elva is a revelation to me, I lucked?? onto a good setup in an already great  car. It just goes like stink, and has the ability to make an average at best, driver look good.

     I now need to keep going with my tuning to beyond, “that feels ok”. Pedro starts listening really closely when the mighty Mac is giving car set up advice.

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  5. My legends prep.

    I did not remove the tyres from the wheels, or the wheels from the axles. Just popped out axles and glue and true. Superglue on fronts.

    I lowered the chassis, in hindsight this probably was not necessary, all bushes JB welded in place. I forgot the side play in the front axle on 2  of the cars, so they still have some side to side play.

    Guides were too sloppy for my liking so I replaced them with scale auto ones I had on hand.

    Replaced motor wires, glued motors in place.

    Added a chunk of church roof in the middle, to approx 75 gms running weight.

    2 of the house class cars got superglue on the spur gear in the build, as they were loose, I fear the spur and wheel may be superglued together.

    the 3rd car felt ok so it was not glued but was spinning on the night!!

    I did not add a guide adapter, brain fade, I will add them.

    The cars come with 12 tooth pinion and a 13 tooth for high speed tracks. I will compromise by replacing the spurs with 32 teeth, down from 33 teeth. this is about equivalent to a 12.5 tooth pinion? I am ok with the plastic pinion gear.

    They feel subtly different, easier to drive, but that my be just because I am playing alone when the cars always go better.

  6. 33 minutes ago, David Carter said:

    I loved the legends, such a cool car to race. But I won't  be buying one anytime soon, I still have cars that need sorting to complete  all the classes we have now plus some other projects 

    All good, mine will be available from time to time for a change.

    When I get some time I have other potential odd ball house class cars.

    Thanks for the comments about the track, I am pleased with how it has changed for the better, and of course I liked it before.

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