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  1. I have looked back over the last several pages and it would normally be back at Bahia Vista this week coming, July 8. However i have a busy/messed up week happening but I should be good to host on the 15th.
  2. It looks like it is safe for me to come this week, see you @ Oakland Raceway.
  3. Don’t you hate it when you turn up and no one else is there. It seems I was in Picton and the ferry I was booked on was due to leave Wellington. Currently in Wellington and nervous. I will decide on Thursday if I will attend Oakland.
  4. While we are doing forward planning I have in mind to have drinks, nibbles and track(s) time at my place on Sunday 1 August. (70th Birthday). Put it on your calendar if you’re interested.
  5. Sounds good Mac, I don’t always know what to adjust, and the order of adjustment when a car is not behaving.
  6. Trip going well so far, great fun in Nelson, I highly recommend putting Tony’s race meetings on the TOP of the “to do list”. Not back this week, or next week or.......
  7. seems like week 3. Week 3 1 Aussie V8 2 Fly Classics 3 LMP
  8. It seems like we were just at Bahia Vista but I thought to see if we want to return this week. I leave next weekend for Nelson followed by a road trip further south. We don't have a schedule beyond racing in Nelson, but I expect to be away for 4 or 5 Thursdays minimum.
  9. Interesting, thanks Mark. I checked my cars (4) and all the chassis are visually flat and I didn’t have any problems with wheels not touching done. HOWEVER my work in progress white kit, which thanks to your article, I checked before assembling the chassis, is nowhere near flat and so currently getting the hot water treatment.
  10. i have some extra legends i can bring is anyone doesn't have one.
  11. We can probably find a spare Nascar for you. I have messaged you the location.
  12. Looks like we are back to Bahia Vista this week. Usual deal, doors open 6pm. Week 4 1 NASCAR/Classic NASCAR 2 DTM [Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft 1984 - 1996] 3 Group 5
  13. All wiring out, weight in middle, pinion/spur/axle - mostly after slipping gears, tyres - true and treat, guide. Not needed mods to my house cars?? Lowered, but in hindsight that was overkill, and 32 tooth spurs (stock 33t), but that was was I had on hand.. I can't remember anything else, could be senior moments. I have ScaleAuto guides, which reminds me some are a fraction tight.
  14. Change of topic. Is anyone in the local group going down to the “Thunderslot Challenge” next month. I am thinking of road tripping down in South Island again.
  15. Mine I changed the guides because they were pretty sloppy, standard tyres, replaced the gears - 1 tooth less on the spur.
  16. Looks great, I have had the decals and body on the bench for ages, I must free up some time and get this done.
  17. Thanks Mark, a good turnout, great fun. That Elva is a revelation to me, I lucked?? onto a good setup in an already great car. It just goes like stink, and has the ability to make an average at best, driver look good. I now need to keep going with my tuning to beyond, “that feels ok”. Pedro starts listening really closely when the mighty Mac is giving car set up advice.
  18. I have found some cars and cleaned the tyres, that will have to do.
  19. Thank you Mark, Mac and Race Catering. An outstanding event, I should be able to get back down to my pre-event weight in 10 days or so.
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