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  1. Good going Pat, if I was tech literate I’d want to have a go for sure. the possibilities seem almost endless.
  2. I have realised I need to branch out, all my figures so far have the same skin tone. A clear case for more diversity.
  3. Painting figures. Only about 100 to go..... I need to replace the guide and find my tyre lathe in my storage. Setting it up for ME if I run hot rods as a house class.
  4. So being super prepared form my new shed build I now have no track in my “bubble” to play on during this period of home isolation. I had better do a good job of my builds as it is now build and admire, rather than build, test and tune!
  5. Thanks for all the help clearing my shed. If the new shed is able to be built I will have plenty of "at home" time to get the pencils and router out. Take care everyone, keep safe.
  6. Discussion tomorrow night at Marks, see how we are placed.
  7. Works for me. My beloved Bahia Vista track is now in 3 pieces. The pieces are too big/awkward for Bronwen and I cart over to my storage place. Looking for volunteer lifters on Saturday, time to suit.
  8. Do we need to hold some brownies back, to deliver some over for race catering?
  9. I have returned home, still vertical, and am making an early offer of racing at Bahia Vista on March 12. I have no date yet for the demolition of the shed but I have been busy moving stuff out, and the first cuts have been made in preparation for decommissioning the track. Week 4 1 NASCAR/Classic NASCAR 2 DTM [Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft 1984 - 1996] 3 Group 5
  10. I have an precautionary appointment with a cardiologist in Auckland, no slotcar racing for me this week.
  11. I too am out this week. A one off? Not to be missed event clash.
  12. I am always a fan of starting at the start, so week one it is.
  13. I am home from my trip to Auckland, and I have been sorting the shed. I took about 2 cubic metres of airfreight up for my nieces in the trailer, plus some luggage, and a bootload of reminders to various friends of my sister. An eye opening exercise. Bahia Vista is open for play this week if folks are up for it. Are we up to starting the roster yet??
  14. Good point, I had forgotten that Peter -- which shows we haven't been to the wonder cave for too long. Hope to see you Thursday, maybe your place next week. - Had an idea for the new shed. Could you build it with a 1.9 metre stud? That should help nobble a couple of our longer reach speedsters. Us economy class length people will be just fine. I can't host this week, next week, February 13th is possible. I head to Melbourne from the 15th. We are on the final count down to my nieces departure back to Dubai, we take their excess baggage/air freight to Auckland on Saturday. I suspect we will be in a mad panic this week. We also have bulk stuff added to our clutter from the clear out of Bette's retirement unit, piled everywhere!!
  15. I am sort of on call at so couldn’t commit to hosting this week, but I will try to come if we are at Oakland. Ps. My shed also offers cooling via heatpump.
  16. On a side note I have some Pioneer hot rods on the way. Thinking ahead I am not sure of what to do with Bahia Vista. Reinstall in the new shed, with extensions, or a new track.
  17. I was going to offer Thursday at Bahia Vista but I am now not available. So I'm out this week sorry.
  18. I missed, I got my days muddled, I spent yesterday thinking it was Friday already. No hope for some people, the senior moments will only get worse.
  19. I had better tidy up the cave over the holiday 😊😊 I have been looking at the mass of useful things, trying to work out how I will manage the all that “STUFF” during the demolition/rebuild.
  20. Apologies from me Mac, we will be returning from a day trip to Te Kuiti, don't ask. If I don't catch up with you guys before the holiday break starts in earnest all the best for the Xmas Season, and I'll see you in 2020.
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