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  1. My group 5 isn't the best so another rung down the order for me.
  2. I think Bahia Vista this week. week 4 on the roster. 1) Nascar/classic Nascar 2) DTM 3) Group 5 bring them but I may swap one for a house class of GT 2.
  3. Yes I do like those little cars, good fun, not sure why I struggled to keep my stock tyres working, and all my cars seem to perform better on my track.
  4. My wheel track varies between my cars, I think we/someone needs to decide on the Maximum width, otherwise I will sort myself some 80mm axles. Pendle website gives 65mm, I think mine are under that.
  5. I seem to have a Legend running on alloys, happy to peel the stock rubber off. I’m sure I can find NSR tyres in my box of useful stuff.
  6. Thanks Mac, I needed an evening out. Good company, good food, good racing.
  7. Apologies from Pedro for this week, we are in Wellington for a burial service.
  8. I agree. Mark I may drop by Wednesday. It is not like I am close to finishing the projects on hand, however it important to have a large stash of stuff To cover any eventualities.
  9. I think we ok to meet friends this week at Bahia Vista under level 2, with masks?? My reading is that public venues have the 1 meter with masks rule, my shed is not public. Show of hands please, with polite opinions. Here is the menu. Week 4 1 NASCAR/Classic NASCAR 2 DTM [Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft 1984 - 1996] Legends 3 Group 5
  10. I like how nice a well set up car is to drive, irrespective of speed. Only a few of my cars are at this stage, but I now have extra training to try and improve the more evil handling ones.
  11. Me, me, me. And 1 of Dave’s tyre fitting tool. I must be due to o arrange dropping a gold bar in your letterbox to settle my account. Peter
  12. Hi guys Level 4 covid response means NO slot racing this week . Hopefully this is short break in normal life. We were due our second vaccination on Thursday, I think that is delayed again. Stay safe, see you on track soon. Peter
  13. I calculate it is Bahia Vista yet again this week. Here is the menu. Week 4 1 NASCAR/Classic NASCAR 2 DTM [Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft 1984 - 1996] Legends 3 Group 5
  14. My Elva has been fiddled, but the driver is going to need a brain/eyesight upgade to get within a second of that.
  15. This a super event, highlight of my year, (so far), I learnt a lot, and even more important it has inspired me to move a further step into the art of "TUNING" slot cars, rather than my "tuning light".
  16. Thanks Mac, Dave and Pip, that masterclass was awesome, hugely inspiring. I can't wait to get out to the shed and rebuild a few cars. I think I have rediscovered my love of scones.
  17. Did something wrong there, not to worry, I won't put the mirrors on just yet.
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