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  1. Thanks Mac, another great night at "Thunder Road".
  2. I am out this week. We are dining out with family visiting from Dubai.
  3. I will be in Canberra - have fun. I will be there in Spirit. cheers Pedro
  4. I'm out this week, Melbourne is calling me.
  5. Thanks Paul, a good night of fun and banter. Two of my lessor performing cars have already had a meeting with the workshop manager this morning. Using Snake as an example, clearly working on your cars improves their performance, I don't yet have a solution to fixing the driver. ps, good report Snake, wee will keep you on.
  6. You'll invited to Bahia Vista this week. So as to not run the same classes as last visit I will skip a week and go to..... Week 1 1) Pioneer Legends 2) Muscle Car 3) Classic Sports '65 - '80
  7. I'm out this week, we need to squeeze in a quick trip to Wellywood.
  8. Have a good trip JK, safe travels.
  9. Looking good Roscoe, a whole new can of worms to learn.
  10. I am back, for those who can remember I can offer racing at “Bahia Vista” this week. Week 4 1) Australian touring cars 2) Scaley F1 3) GT3
  11. I am out this week. I am home, but not yet fully functioning. Bahia Vista should be fully functioning by next week.
  12. Bother, Paul I hope all goes well, we need you fit to get your new dwelling into order, and get the track running again.
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