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  1. The mask query was me, canvassing opinions. I am ok knowing everyone we race with. I an nervous around strangers. While we will likely all have to deal with infection at some time, I am seriously worried about bringing it home until more treatment options are readily available.
  2. Yes to QR code. Masks? I am conflicted, we are a small known group at effectively a social evening. Christchurch have a mask mandate. I am ready to race but I will become uneasy if Hawkes Bay has a large spreading of COVID cases.
  3. I should be ready by next week. My track is not easily accessible for at least 6 more weeks.
  4. I will look tomorrow.
  5. Thanks for the best fun year we can have in the cave. Roll on 2022. Have a great Xmas/new year break. Stay safe, remember sunscreen. I seem to have 5 NSR F1’s, 3 set up good by my standards, and I do believe I have another on order, so yeah I’m keen. ps. My somewhat unruly Mosley of last night has been reinvented today and I have high hopes of improvement in my results in the new year.
  6. Looks like Graeme is onto something. Next time I’m using my BTCC in muscle car class.
  7. Yep thanks for a good night of fun, frivolity and racing. I was especially pleased that I managed more laps with my Group 5, than my Legend.
  8. Cars not sorted. Bahia Vista may be out of action for a bit longer. In May we signed up for a full repaint of house, inside and out, followed by new carpet throughout. The painters called, starting THIS week!! A lot of stuff has to be moved to facilitate this. I have started putting furniture and artwork in the shed!!! I have already broken my big shed rule #1, I have put some things on the track, only the digital track so far.
  9. I am still a bit too stretched to organise myself to run Bahia Vista for this week. Someone makes LONG “lists of things to do when we get home”, while they are on holiday. Combined with having to be driver to appointments etc. Down time, and time for my activities is reduced. I am hoping to feel more under control after next weeks trip to Wellington.
  10. I will be there. But I now find I will be away on the 25th as well, we are heading to Wellington for the unveiling of a headstone.
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