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  1. I have been playing at extending my "straight".
  2. Ps. All good at home. The neighbour has been turning the sprinklers on regularly.
  3. Bugger guys, sorry to be hearing this while we are away and not able to offer help with the clean up. Should be back on deck by the weekend, just sing out if we can assist. I am assuming my shed (and house), will be ok because we are on gravel. Bronwen has messaged our neighbour , just in case,to check.
  4. I’m almost certainly out again this week. In theory I will be home, possibly not alert, but another family crisis may delay our transit through Wellington
  5. The road trip continues, we will be in Christchurch this week. Nelson was great fun, the track is so different, but nice to drive. Great people too, it should go on everyone’s to do list.
  6. Any updated information I should know? Evening activities? We are In Nelson already and trying to sort out a schedule that fits in slot racing, sightseeing, and catching up with friends and family.
  7. Thanks Mark, good fun. and thanks for the work on my race cars, they felt very sweet,
  8. 8 days from placing order in the UK until delivery in Napier, NZ. Normal service has resumed, on a good day. Some packages from Aussie are slower, especially Melbourne..
  9. Three and a half years already, gosh that went quick. The week before our first covid lockdown the track was dismantled and put in storage. A new improved shed is now mostly finished so it is time to re-assemble/modify "Bahia Vista".
  10. Apologies from me - again - I’m unlikely to attend Falls Road, another busy day in prospect, end time uncertain.
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