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  1. Bother, Paul I hope all goes well, we need you fit to get your new dwelling into order, and get the track running again.
  2. Well done, I look forward to visiting on my return from over there.
  3. Safe travels Piebone, good to see you , catch you next time.
  4. I will have to withdraw this offer, I have been talked into changing my plans, and I will be in Sydney that weekend.
  5. I will be home, hail and hearty (hopefully), and happy to make my track available, I may even be able to find some cars.
  6. Car suddenly operates perfectly, no idea what I did, I came back after lunch and it worked. I even put the track back to 12v to provoke it, but nothing.
  7. I’m in. I still haven’t found solved the problem with the white car, I am currently building up a new chassis, as an easier? fix.
  8. 3 cars, 3 lanes, house class this week, lower the voltage? Which class shall we drop, Scaly F1 perhaps, so we don't have two open wheeler races.
  9. We will try again for "Bahia Vista" this week. Week 4 1 Australian Touring Cars 2 Scalextric F1 3 GT3 Doors open 5-30 ish
  10. I am cleared to be out and about, but am totally disorganised, so not up to racing this week. I will however drop in briefly to bring some things for people.
  11. In theory I am done with isolation tomorrow BUT quite frankly I am feeling pretty rubbish. I will try for “Bahia Vista” next week.
  12. IMPORTANT MESSAGE. Bahia Vista is cancelled tomorrow night. Despite our care I have returned a positive test for Covid. I don’t have all contact details so if everyone can tell everyone I would appreciate it.
  13. Bahia Vista this week. Week 2 1 Pre 65 Classics 2 Slot It Group C 3 Modern Le Mans (GT1 & LMP1 & LMP2 cars)
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