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  1. Thanks guys ill givr it a miss, sometimes the hoon comes out in me lol
  2. Thanks for the replies, I understand a 46k motor is far too big for a home track... im not looking for the fastest car or lap just want to see the difference in power from low to midrange compared to the 21k in the car at the moment.my mosler 25k has alot more power out of the corners than the 21k and wanted to try it out. Thats all. So will the standard power supply & slot.it sp15 chip be able to handle the bigger motor ???
  3. Thanks for that :( Why is that ? Is it because a motor of that size draws too many amps for the standard set ? Will a bigger power supply fix the problem ? Cheers
  4. Hi a friend gave me a nsr 46k motor and I wanted to know if it would run in a magnetless car ?
  5. Hi all, prob a stupid question... Can I just chip a NSR car with a slot.it chip (sp15) for my scaley digi track ? Im sure you can but cant seem to find any info on google Cheers
  6. Im pretty sure you need a Slot.it sp15 chip
  7. Do the globes have a + & - side ?
  8. Hi all, I just fitted up a sp16b lighting kit to the sp15 chip I had in the car and I have a problem. One headlight is working correctly but the other headlight and taillights wont turn on.... Ive checked my wiring & im 100% everything is soldered correctly so im lost :( If anyone can give me some advice it would be great. Thanks
  9. Hi thanks for your replies, I am running digital with the standard scaley power a/c and have borders Most of the way round. Dont know the car seems much better today it must have been me being a little heavy on the throttle or the tyres or something else settling in not sure....
  10. Thanks for your reply,looks like this is going to be a fairly steep learning curve for me That gives me a few things to look at. Cheers Ross
  11. Hi all,just got my first Slot.it car and am loving the power compared to my scalextric cars but it handles terribly on my track :( I just got a set of MJK Tyres for it which has helped a little but its still painful with it loosing the ass at fairly low speeds. Any of you guys have some advice that might help keep the car on the track ? Maybe a certain tyre that suits scalextric track or possibly something else ? Thanks in advance Ross
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