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  1. Happy New Year to all you slot rascals, I have spent time tuning so you had all better watch out in 2022... Haha
  2. By the way, a little birdy (Marty) told me that he tried to pass off an orange car the other day and was told off for using my colour, thanks guys , good to know you have my back, can''t let this new riff raff come along and think they can just start playing with just any old colour, whats the world going to come to if that goes on.
  3. Okay so am a little rusty but where are we this week, Pat''s or Dave''s, without a clear code name I get very confused, must be the grey hair. PS Charles, yes its a great little box of tricks. only available for special people.
  4. Sorry , I am out this week guys, doing a little gliding in the SI. Mac, my friend Graeme is after a few cars for our classes, if you have anything, put them aside for me pse.
  5. Wishing all you mongrels a happy new year, see you on the track 2021.
  6. So long as you paint it ... cant allow anyone else to have an orange car
  7. Rod, when the bug hits you hard for the desire for bigger and better, talk to me, I would gladly take it off your hands for a handsome price.
  8. Sorry Mark I am still out too, down in Chch picking up my "aircraft carrier" ... as named by Mac.
  9. Hang on, I am sick and tired of rules and decisions being made without discussion or advice, can someone show me where it was advised that that would be round 1 and be fully communicated to everyone. What the hell happening, who is making all these wayward decisions. I am annoyed.
  10. Yours, will you be at Pedros tomorrow night ? If yes I will bring it.
  11. Meant to say , hardly used , Owned by little old lady who only watched TV on Sunday morning service.
  12. Does anyone have a need for a 26" Samsung LCD screen with PC connections .... free to a good home. First in first served.
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