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  1. Ready for sanding, painting and braid.
  2. More track fodder, yes Graeme is amazing, great ideas, out of the box thinking from years of tradie experience in his own business.
  3. Track underway, most of you saw the pics the other night, more tireless work this weekend, mostly getting sorted thanks to the efforts of Eme, I would have been lost and taken ten times longer.
  4. Leighton, sorry don't have any small can pods left but I have two inline if you wish to try an inline.
  5. Going to miss tonight guys, have fun.
  6. Bingo Do you need assistance to move the track ???
  7. Yep, I think it was lapping at 4.8 but I wasnt recording the laps...
  8. Yes, thank you Mac for opening up, I managed to sort out a few issues and came home energised to sort out a few more cars, my box has never been so ready for Thursday nights.
  9. .....Just heard from Boner. The PieBone race is now June 23. Question : Will he have been in the country for over 5 days before this event ?
  10. Thanks to all who helped with the big move. Looking at it today , I think I can add 5-6 metres to the length of the track.
  11. Sunday 4pm 9 Upham Rd to uplift pats track. Thank you to those who are helping.
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