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  1. ding

    Ninco F1 Gokart

    Karts arrived in perfect condition thanks Paul. Great to do business with you. Cheers ding...
  2. ding

    Ninco F1 Gokart

    Thanks Paul. ding...
  3. ding

    Ninco F1 Gokart

    Thanks for the replies Guys. Mobbzee, I'll have to think about your karts. Cheers ding...
  4. ding

    Ninco F1 Gokart

    Hi all, as the title sugests, I'm looking for a Ninco F1 Gokart (Super Kart) Let me know what you might have for sale............ ding...
  5. Well done Jim. Track looks great, how is it to drive. Cheers mate Steve (ding)
  6. ding

    Tyre Razor

    Wanted as per Title, a Tyre Razor tyre truer. Let me know what you have ..... Cheers Steve
  7. ding

    Team Slot Alfa GTA

    Does anyone have a Team Slot Alfa GTa they would like to sell ??????? Cheers Steve
  8. I have cars to work on, but my Lockdown Projects are 1. to enclose my 2 car carport and turn it into a slot car shed. 2. to build a frame for my 3 lane track complete with castors so I can move it around. 3. build a couple of track interfaces to get a timing system up and going. I have a 1 month layoff from work so the above will hopefully keep me busy and sane. Cheers guys ding...
  9. ding

    Ninco Drive Belts

    Thanks heaps SlotsNZ, much appreciated. ding...
  10. ding

    Ninco Drive Belts

    Thanks Guys ding...
  11. Hi all, recently bought a pack of Ninco drive belts. The pack had 2 red, 2 blue & 2 black belts in it. My question is, what are the differences if any with the different coloured belts ????? Cheers ding...
  12. Hi Alan, you should have a message from me. I don't have a reply as yet ???? Cheers Steve
  13. I'll take the Corvette if it's available as well please. Steve
  14. Hi Aquakiwi, If the Lola T70 is still available I'll Buy it from you. Cheers Steve
  15. ding

    Ninco Nc1

    Thanks for the reply Ontheflipside, I am after NC 1 cars and specifically Classic Rally types (pre 1990) and maybe a DTM (not NC1). Cheers Steve
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