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  1. ding


    Sensational, but inappropriate as hell..... cheers ding...
  2. ding

    The Asylum

    Hi Guys, the timing is now installed and working a treat (Race Coordinator). The Asylum Raceway is up and running Tonight I did about 200-250 laps over all 4 lanes running a variety of cars, best I could do was a 5.3 second lap with a Group 5 Beemer (running at 10 volts) Grip levels are great for a green track and all lanes are pretty much equal with lap times. All in all very pleased with the track. Now to organize some test & tunes. A big thanks to Gary Johnson and Cory (Q32) for there guidance and assistance with the track build and Timing system. Cheers guys ding...
  3. ding

    The Asylum

    More Pics, Drivers Stations installed and wired and Lane markings done. Getting there..... Cheers ding...
  4. ding

    The Asylum

    Track is now painted (2 coates of Berger Paving paint) and is now braided. I have used Tinned Copper as Magna Braid is unobtainable at present. I have run some test Laps and am very pleased with the layout and the grip levels.
  5. Hi, these cars are 195.00 euro as advertised on their web site. ding...
  6. ding

    The Asylum

    Track now has had it's 1st coat of primer/undercoat (I hate painting), coming along nicely. Lane spacing is 100mm so I will be able to run my 1/24 cars as well as the 1/32's. I will have to use standard copper braid as Magna braid is unobtainable at the moment. Cheers ding...
  7. ding

    The Asylum

    Track is now built and the fences have been added. Ready for prep and Paint.
  8. ding

    The Asylum

    The track build is still evolving. I have modified the layout a few times now, but as in the last pic I posted, it is very close to final. Really enjoying the work required building this track, it is certainly testing this old Sparkies abilities. I'll post more pics soon, Cheers ding...
  9. ding

    The Asylum

    More progress
  10. ding

    The Asylum

    Not sure yet Charles, what ever will work best with the Arduino interface. ding...
  11. ding

    The Asylum

    Yes, she does think I'm certifiable. ding...
  12. ding

    The Asylum

    SWMBO ??? No, I named it myself. Seemed appropriate...... ding...
  13. ding

    The Asylum

    Just started a build of a new track. Track is 4 lane and will be about 18 metres in lane length. I have so far made some track legs, assembled one of the straights and framed most of the other track pieces. I will be using RC as my race software with a home built track interface. The track is located in Boronia Heights, Queensland. Will keep you all posted on the build progress. I can not upload photos as yet, will try to work it out asap. Cheers all ding...
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