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  1. I spoke to Dariusz and I didn’t get an exact date but they left over three weeks ago. Hopefully they’ll show up soon. Paul
  2. Bugger, I would hate to loose hosting the IPS in Edmonton. We’re building a new race center with 4 tracks right now. 3 road courses and a Drag Strip. I’ll talk to Dariusz, I would have posted the cars right away as the strike is a rolling one with the workers off only intermittently. I still get mail regularly to the house. As for customs into Canada, they can be a pain with delays. With other proxies we sometimes do hand offs with the Americans in Vancouver/ Seattle or Toronto area. Watch out for the couriers and their brokerage fees. Hope it helps, Paul
  3. Thanks again guys, driving should be a thrill. Do you trust me to drive on left side of the road? I have a habit of driving on the right Paul
  4. Thanks Gents, LOL LEGO bricks? Phillip Island sounds interesting. We’ll probably stay for 3 weeks so we will have some time to tour. Paul
  5. Hi All, my wife and I are looking at a trip to Melbourne to watch the Grand Prix. Any advice to a Canadian who hasn’t been to Australia before? I would be interested in some sight seeing and I might be able to squeeze in some slot related stops also. Thanks in advance, Paul
  6. Thanks for the link Ember, great track, great driving and the stream was flawless! HD, no commercials and the commentary was priceless! All the way Edmonton, Canada. Thanks again. Paul
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