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  1. robtip71

    Syd's New Track

    Yeah i will,miss racing with you guys over there,had so much fun
  2. robtip71

    Syd's New Track

    Yes i remember Daryls track and that shocking hairpin,lol.The new changes look really good and probly a little bit quicker by the looks,awesome job
  3. robtip71

    Syd's New Track

    Hi Syd,,You got a new track underway,,looking forward to seeing the new pics of it,,what was wrong with the old track or was it time for a change,,,still havnt found a track over here but my 4wd v8 conversion build is keeping me busy at the moment...
  4. Try slotcar corner,its not in AUS but might have what you are looking for http://www.slotcarcorner.com/Track-Braiding-c23/
  5. So very true,hopefully one day it will happen, Nothing like your own track
  6. Thanks for the info,hopefully someone reads this and has a track hiding somewhere round Grafton. Hopefully move goes well thanks
  7. Hi all, I live in WA and im moving to Graton NSW and was wondering if there is anyone who has or knows of private or public track in or near Grafton. Thanks Rob
  8. Last time i raced on this track it was at Ingleburn,model car raceway,very good and quick track
  9. robtip71

    Milgun Park Raceway

    Out of all the home routed tracks ive seen on here,this one tops the list,absolutly awesome job Rob
  10. Welcome to the madness of slotcars David.I have been collecting sport track for about 10 years now and i would have about 40 or 50 metres but still no permenant setup.But there is nothing like getting it out on the weekends when there is nothing to do and racing against ur mates.Awesome fun... Anyway,welcome to auslot... Rob
  11. You dont mind the cold if your having fun and it was a good night,everyone was very friendly and helpful and the racing was great,i did better then i expected so cant wait to get some of my own cars.Looking forward to the next race meet,thank you to all the guys at WASCRG
  12. Thanks for the info Chenglaw,i work around the corner from Yangebup so ill do that.Hopefully i can call round after work one day and see what its all about,Looking forward to getting back into it Cheers Rob
  13. Thanks for all the info guys,ill have a look at the links.If you think of anything else that will help as well just send a msg. cheers
  14. Thanks Gazza,ill check it out cheers
  15. Thanks charlesx,im near perth.There used to be a track a Maddington i was told but is closed down and i havnt been able to find another 1 but thanks for the info, Cheers
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