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  1. Cheers Shane that what I thought thanks for clarifying
  2. I was only there briefly picking up some supplies from Chris on my way through. Didn't have a run last night
  3. Hi John yep a had a few runs on that track now and i love it - although i haven't raced on it in anger yet as I'm still in Rookies at T-birds. Although once i have the $$$ to buy what i need it will be a different story then. Saw you there last night having a few runs.
  4. Hi Shane Another dumb question for you - Can i run my Slot.It Group C with the Slot.it Z0 Zero Grip tyres (PT07) on the front on the original rims or do i need to change it back to the box standard Group C tyres. I suspect the latter looking at the rules but wanted to check before ripping the tyres off the rim. Cant wait till next week at my first nationals event - not expecting to place anywhere but looking forward to the event. Chris
  5. Damn wish I was there now to see these great cars
  6. Always the way when I don't have the $$$
  7. Hi Shane Just a query regarding the Amateur Classes can any magnets be used, or do they have to be scalextric magnets Cheers
  8. I've decided to pay homage to the Ford GT40 Mk.II from the 1966 LeMans of Day Gurney and Jerry Grant who qualified on pole and did not finish the race due to a holed radiator (hopefully not an omen. The slotcar is currently minus it's rear wing and mirrors which are still to be fitted. Hopefully it goes as fast as it looks!
  9. My first repaint for 2015 is a Scalextric Ford GT that I intend running in the MCN this year. Here is a representation of the car prior to working on it.
  10. Hey Everyone as I am getting busier with some Repaints I thought I'd start a topic to place all my work. Hope you enjoy
  11. Hi Richard You are certainly getting closer though. Still need to keep you behind though
  12. Thanks sdeamon for the endorsement
  13. Hey Brooksy can't wait to see how your car turned out
  14. Limited choice of colours as I only used Tamiya rattle cans. Found the French blue to be to light. Would have looked more like the old Leyton House GP team. If only I had an airbrush.......
  15. Certainly is Mick. Was going to wait until Friday to show but got impatient
  16. Hey All - here is my first attempt at a Scaley re-paint - fairly happy with the results
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