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  1. Really pleased with the result, much improved over last years effort. Looking at a new build for 2019 so hopefully i can keep the momentum going. Definitely will be back next year
  2. Hi Alan. Please accept my entry (another Croweater) Honda RA271 #20
  3. Thanks Alexis and all for the running of this stage. Really pleased with the result
  4. Thanks Alexis. Looking forward to the next stage
  5. I think it’s the final results for round 13 with the third stage added. Round 14 is in Greece I think
  6. Woohoo 2 wins on the trot. Thanks Martyn for running the event
  7. Well my car appears to perform well in Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿. Can all remaining rounds run there ;-) Hope this form continues into stage 3
  8. Woohoo finally a stage win. Thanks for the running of this stage. Hopefully the form continues into stage 2
  9. Hmmm. Need to extract the digit and look at building me one of these for next year
  10. Hi r337 If you’re in the north-east I would recommend Thunderbird Slot Raceway on research rd Pooraka. They have scalextic Racing there on Friday nights Also vouch for John (fpr7) and Alan/Lenny in the West
  11. Thanks for the feedback Gazza. I’m looking at building a new car for next year in any event so will take what you have raised On board
  12. Hi Mel Car on its way. Should be there Monday (Express Post) Mondeo74
  13. Hi Mel I’ve completely forgotten about sending the car off, will send express post tomorrow. Hope I’m not too late
  14. Hi Mel. I will also be running last years car and tyres
  15. Hi Mel have collected my car and also thank for the bonus items. Very much appreciated
  16. Yessssssssss! My thanks go to the event organiser :-)
  17. Still stunned given the car had limited running and not run on a rally style track (only had access to Road style routed tracks in Adelaide) at all prior to sending Wow
  18. Thanks for the shakedown info Gazza, will be useful
  19. Car is finally on its way - express post from Adelaide - nothing like 11th hour submission
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