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  1. Hi Stubbo and all.


    I appreciate it is early days but after first round the T1790 motor took first 5 places with the best SRP 16 6th and the top SRP18 7th. The worst placed T1790 was 13th. While not conclusive for the T1790 it seems to suggest as assessed prior to rules finalisation that there is little between the SRP16 (6 ,8, 9, 14, 17 19) and SRP18 (7, 10, 11, 15, 16, 18). Interesting that all 3 types had almost equal entries. T1790 performance though might be just an indication of the quality of the entries.


    Not sure what motor Mondeo had but as it blew up it does not matter. If he is allowed to replace however please let everybody know with what.


    Regards Chas Le Breton (charlesx)


    Regards Chas Le Breton


    Hey Chas


    For reference the motor i had installed was a SRP18 - before it decided to cook itself

  2. The first round is in the book.


    John Batich claims the victory with a very nice car indeed.

    Plugger came in second with Phil a whisker behind in third place.


    Unfortunately Mondeo's car ground to a halt with a smoking engine just two laps in and was a DNF. Engine change will be carried out tomorrow.


    Slo1quick and I were the drivers today. We each drove two heats. The first was for 2.5 minutes and the second was for two minutes which gave every car a total of nine minutes.


    Stu will post up some comments about the cars in the next day or so.


    I'm heading back up to Melbourne tomorrow so I'll do the photo's when I get back to the office (better internet there).


    I'm sure someone will check my maths. It has been a long day so let me know if there are any mistakes.





    Damn, well I guess it can only get better from here

  3. 1543124431[/url'>' post='274679']

    MATE Bernie's monika, that is a crack up.

    Hopefully you drive faster than Bernie ever did hahaha:




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    Hi Alan. Please accept my entry (another Croweater) Honda RA271 #20

    MATE Bernie's monika, that is a crack up.

    Hopefully you drive faster than Bernie ever did hahaha:)



    I hope I drive better than Bernie as I certainly can’t do the wheeling and dealing with race promoters like ol mate Bernie could :lol:

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