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  1. Mine is a Sea Container .... it doubles for more than slot cars.
  2. Yeah. I sorta want both too .. Heh! Am now on my 10th attempt to paint my modern GT. I manage to mess it up every time and then sand it back. Don't know why I am so OCD about it as first time on the track it will 'battle conditioned' But two nice looking cars John. Greg
  3. I don't see it for sale on Ebay .... got a link ? Greg
  4. Ding ... In your last photo the 'ending-backslash' is the wrong slash. You need the one that leans to the right, not the left Greg
  5. Great Build !! I visited your other site as well ... you have quite a collection ... and a really organised web site !! Greg
  6. Reading the above posts I got interested in CanAm and googled it ... further and further in .. until .. I turned up this hybrid specimen ... looks like it has 8 motorbike engines ... 2 per wheel ? CLICK Greg
  7. Boxcutta

    Body Screws

    opps ... even 'wood working machinery' has put his price up for the miniature taps and dies to 69 bucks. He has the sets in stock. Last year these were selling for 39 bucks ... so manufacture may have ceased. Very handy set if you can now afford as individually a tap sells for 8 bucks a piece.. Greg
  8. Boxcutta

    Body Screws

    Possibly you can get them here Australia or here America or you can make your own by purchasing this. CarbaTec however this has doubled in price over the last year. Used to be able to purchase the set here for $40.00 but don't know if he has any left. Wood Working Machinery Probably the best quality is here, but I have never purchased from here and its just that the quality looks good on their web pages. Scale Hardware Greg
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