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  1. Hi fellow fanatics, looking for empty scalextric display cases. Old design and the new design, please reach out if you have any. Thanks Dave
  2. Happy New year. I have a BN C3161 Lowndes commodore that has silver rims. Looking for a C3161 with white rims. willing to swap or purchase. Condition not that important..
  3. I'm looking for the above car so if anyone has a spare or one to sell please pm me. Thanks. Dave
  4. Hi I have been cleaning out and came across some Scalextric V8 Wings all original and BN. C3076,C2694,C3322,C2447,C2614,C2695,C2831,C2953,C2613,C3227,C2767,C3321,C3471,C2446,C2615,C2766,C2952,C3225,C2829 and C2830. $20 per wing pm if interested. Thanks Dave.
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