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  1. Keep telling my kids to buy me slot cars or make a donation towards my next purchase. Might as well talk to the brick wall, so bought my own Fathers Day present, a Scalex Digital Platinum set. Now I need to convince the finance manager I need to buy more lane changers, pit lanes, Race management software, cables, digital chips, a few different track pieces, 4 more LMP's, and a winning X-Lotto ticket!
  2. Great news! I was able to pick up a Platinum Set, saving about $200. Just need to fix tyres on 2 cars, but everything else is almost brand new and working OK. Now I need to work out the menu system, it's damn confusing! Will have to read up and watch a few videos. I like the look of RCS64 which has some cool features, especially variable speed pace cars, so will have to order a cable with some extra digital track pieces from U.S. Next is working out the layout using two 8X4 boards in an L shape. Have already posted a proposed track plan, but will use the track pieces I have from a couple of other sets and see what works. Should have up to 20 metres of track. I love the Dodge Vipers, and hope to have 6 racing at once, but I will have to retro fit chips to them. I guess a few late nights will be spent in the garage "working", and hitting up the forums. Greg
  3. Thanks Mobbzee Will check it out. Still about $100 more than the items listed above. I could still order extras from the U.S. that are not available here.Can't believe how cheap some of their prices are! Postage can be a killer if not careful. Greg
  4. Hi all. I was hoping to buy a Scalextric Digital Platinum set, but no-one in SA seems to have stock. The new set will be released later this year, near Christmas, but I don't want to wait that long! I thought about buying the individual parts, but have checked out the prices here and it works out quite a bit more expensive. I have also checked prices from the U.S. for Power Base, 5 x Lane Changers, 6 x Controllers, 1 x RH Pit Lane, 4 x Digital Chips and PC Cable which works out less than the Platinum Set. I can also buy Toshiba PSU's locally for about $25 each. I know I get the extra cars and track with the set, but I already have 2 sets and plenty of DPR cars I can use. Also thought about buying a Thundering V8's set for the extra track pieces or just keeping an eye out for some secondhand bargains. What to do guys? Greg
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. Shadow Like the idea about putting the XLC in front of pits, Hadn't thought about that! The CLC before the main straight was supposed to be out to in but the track planner did not have the right track piece. Also like the hairpins. Adding borders to current layout will be a challenge, but I do have a couple of hundred fence sections sitting in a box. Interested to see your reworked track. Mattcrackers Hope to buy a Platinum set so will have the 6 car powerbase. Will be using pace cars using a race management system with variable speed, so should be able to leave the hairpins in.Taking out the bend to right of pits will not only allow for longer pit lane but also speed things up. Ember I have used up the track pieces I have, hence mostly R2 corners. Trying to save up for digital! I usually race alone however the son-in-law and grandsons have a lot of fun when they visit. Some cars are better than others, Vipers, LMP's, Veyron, Nascars OK, but V8's not so good. F1's way too fast for this layout. I wanted to use up as much track as possible including bridges and hairpins.
  6. Hey guys I have been using an L Shaped Classic layout for about 6 months on 2 8x4 boards and would like some input if I was to convert it to digital. Track length is about 20 mtrs. If I have uploaded it properly it should look like this! http://i1252.photobu...zpse5caaa02.jpg Not sure about the placement of the Lane Changers but wanted to use them all if I could. Couldn't get them all facing the right direction on the track planner! Hope to use RCS64 or similar so will probably have to upgrade the Pit Lane. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. Greg
  7. ZeGas, I downloaded the templates from www.carrera4fun.de/ It takes a bit of searching through the menus on the right hand side. Some are quite detailed and fiddly, but there are quite a few to look through. I printed a few on thick card and made them up, but will probably use them as templates and make any new buildings with MDF. Have fun! gref I look forward (with a little envy) to viewing your new aquisitions. Greg
  8. Thanks guys, After I posted I checked out some of the guys cars. Compared to Gref, Davnic,jazzbell and especially Cleveland I only have a very mild case of "Slotitis". This is one disease I hope my financial manager also gets! I aim to go digital soon and hope it suits the current layout. Will post picks when I sort it out Thanks John will PM when I work it out. Greg
  9. Hi Guys Been lurking for a while and took the plunge and joined. Broke my leg 12 months ago, got bored and decided to clean up an old Scalextric set that had not been used for over 10 years. Also downloaded and made some Carrera buildings which I will use as templates for my layout. Cleaned the track and set up an 8x4 table for the grandsons, although I must admit I use it more than them. Even got my old Lotus 16 to run, but it's tyres were crap. Happy to report full recovery from the broken leg, but I think I have caught "Slotitis". Is there a cure? Progressed from about 30 track pieces to about 300, and was lucky to buy 13 cars for $100, 4 already chipped. Now have 2 8x4 tables in an L shape with about 20 metre lanes. Stalled at 35 cars due to lack of work/income, so have to make do for time being. Not too many "Shelf Queens" Unfortunately Santa forgot my Platinum Set, and my birthday wish was also ignored. Perhaps I'll have better luck Fathers Day! Enjoy the site and much helpful information. Greg
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