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  1. hi guys you've been a great help so far but i have another rookie question ,i was wondering if any other brands are compatible to take a scalextric digital chip as my local hobbie store has limited scalextric cars but heaps of scx,ninco etc etc ,if they arent compatible can they be modified ,sorry if this question has been covered already cheers brad
  2. Hi guys , has anyone used the scalextric digital pit lane game , I was considering purchasing it but I have a question , obviously you have to make 3 pit stops but once the first person makes the 3 stops does this end the race or does it run its course , I want it to be incorporated into the race not it be the race if that makes sense , cheers brad
  3. lordy75

    6 Car Power Base

    here is the link to the video i saw ,
  4. lordy75

    6 Car Power Base

    hey guys just joined ,and i was after some help ,i have a scalextric 6 car digital power base i think running 0000.80 version or close to that from memory ,my question is ,how do i set a delayed restart after a yellow flag, at the moment once you hit start power is supplied and your away ,but a video i saw on youtube showed a delay in the restart and this is what im trying to achieve ,any help greatly appreciated cheers brad
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