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  1. The inverse fuel audio file 'feature' mentioned by ZeGas is fixed in RC Dave is a legend!
  2. Hey SlotsNZ, I like the tweaked Race Results screen for 20 drivers visible. I wouldn't mind a copy to create a version with 12 drivers visible (and scroll up to 24).
  3. DonvaleRaceway

    Power Drop Out

    Hey Syd, I didn't notice what track interface are you using? Arduino? Also, are they solid state relays?
  4. You're welcome SlotsNZ. You will just need to backup (or move) your existing set of fuel_0.png ... fuel_20.png images files from the data\images\ui folder and drop in the new set and you are away. RC will do the rest.
  5. Ask and you shall receive... RC_Fuel_Images_Gauges3: My third go using a LED style gauge as a background (11 images in this set). See the screenshot below. Grab the Zip file here.
  6. Thanks. That top one looks pretty nice.
  7. Being more of a coder than an electronics whiz, I've managed to get my start/finish gantry with 5 Red/Green Bi-LEDs working with a modification to the sketch only. My setup: Red post on each of the 5 LEDs connected separately to A0 to A4 Green post on all five LEDs connected to A5 Modified sketch and RC configuration to produce the following countdown sequence: Spacebar = All RED LEDs ON Five... 4 RED LEDs ON Four... 3 Red LEDs ON Three... 2 RED LEDs ON Two... 1 RED LED ON One... No RED LEDs ON Go/Green Flag... Green on all LEDs are ON (all RED are OFF) Yellow Flag... Green on all LEDs are ON and all RED LEDs are ON = Yellow. Note: I also have one of my Arduino Uno digital pins hooked up to a series of 5 Yellow LEDs dotted around the circuit which flash when under yellow flag. Again, achieved with a modification to the sketch. I need to update the sketch following the recent RC update and will post progress once complete.
  8. Thanks shadow, I just posted some fuel images you might like.
  9. I've been messing about creating some fuel images for RC and here are the results... RC_Fuel_Images_Standard: These are identical to the standard images but with a solid black background and outline (so you don lose the low fuel levels if driving in red lane). Grab the ZIp file here. RC_Fuel_Images_Gauges1: My first crack at trying to make a more realistic fuel gauge image (16 images in this set). Grab the Zip file here. RC_Fuel_Images_Gauges2: My second go using a real fuel gauge image as a background (20 images in this set). See the screenshot below. Grab the Zip file here. P.S. Thanks for the write-protect tip shadow_rusty. Saves me the whole cut/paste routine for each RC upgrade.
  10. Hi All, I've been a fairly passive member to date but have been doing a lot with the Race Coordinator software and arduino timing systems so look out for some useful stuff under those topics real soon. Also check out www.132motorsport.com if you want to keep an eye on what our racing group is up to. Cheers John
  11. Fantastic Mt SaltPanorama track! The video is a cracker.
  12. HI dazza RC's parallel interface can be configured to control up to 10 lanes (ie, you can assign lane numbers to 10 pins in the parallel port interface screen). In case you are interested, I've had RC control up to 6 sensors on my 3 lane track - 3 for lap counting and 3 for pits. RC's phidget interface can be assigned to as many digital inputs you have on your phidget board. I am currently using a phidget 8/8/8 board on my 3 lane track to receive input from 3 lap sensors and 3 pit sensors. With this board you could easily control an 8 lane track (ie, assign all 8 digital inputs to read lap sensors). Also, phidget make a 0/16/16 board which has 16 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs so you could control a 16 lane track with that board. RC's arduino interface shows it can control up to 8 lanes but currently it is limited to the arduino sketch code bundled with the beta version which programs the arduino uno to control up to a 4 lane track. The arduino uno has 14 digital inputs/outputs so if the sketch code existed it could control more lanes. Cheers John
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