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  1. fomoco

    Wtb: Braid

    Mr slot car can also sell braid pre taped, it stick's really well
  2. fomoco

    Wtb: Braid

    Slot car corner has tinned copper or mr trax has magna braid
  3. fomoco


    I have printed porta loos and found the same problem,so I put a small magnet under the axle,. It won't stop the fish tailing but help reduce it Some thing for my truck trailers scale 20 foot
  4. I sand the rims before fitting tyres to get a true rim then I true the tyres as well
  5. Is the relay powered by the analog side or digital side.
  6. I let Sam see how the reverse switch is wired and works so reversing will be an easy fix for his track
  7. I hope you enjoyed the run on my track and found out what you needed to know about how the timing works.if you get stuck give me a call
  8. Phidget.com has the diagram of the board
  9. You need I relay per lane,1 sensor per lane Jaycar part no zd1950 and a light bridge,. The light bridge runs off the power supply the relay plug into the out put setting and the sensors plug into the input settings on a phidget board, I have the phidget board diagram if you want it emailed
  10. Rick fields might be able to help,Scorpius wireless controller has track change built in and works with race coordinator
  11. I just glue laminate plastic sheet,it's not brilliant finish but it works
  12. Looks good.when you come over on Sunday I'll show you race coordinator and how to positive wire your track If you need a hand I can help
  13. Which is more expensive 4 uno board at $40 plus 2 mega boards at $45 each or a phidget board and case for $100 I have also had a uno board wipe out the drivers for the usb port on my Lenovo g50 that cost me $700 as well as nearly taking out a CLUB computer. Dubbo slot car CLUB had problems with blast relays triggering timing until I replaced the uno board with phidget board everything else stayed the same and problem gone.
  14. Phidget in use are the manufacturer and can be bought there,you can also buy from Iotstore.com.au
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