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  1. Hi guys im having a rest with slot cars I lost my father so funeral today... it was great knowing you all regards Ross Edwards
  2. I’m having a rest from slot cars guys .... I lost my father so funeral today ... great to know you all regards Ross Edwards
  3. Thanks Grant your a champ.... Wow I’m getting the wire bender also....
  4. I’m with you Grant.... I need me one of those jigs Chris..... Where do we find these jigs???
  5. Roscoe Chris is the best scratchbuilder in the world imo... His a master craftsman in my eyes at this hobby .... I bet the chassis’s are scratch built plus he paints and I’m sure Chris mentioned a few are vintage re builds all look stunning an will be especially super driveable ,smooth + quick ....
  6. If you know of Chris , I’ll bet it’s a beautiful car to drive believe me..
  7. The detail is the best Chris ... Love your work...
  8. This is my braid/track setup as Garry has said I’ve done, also my braid was from mr slotcar already taped awesome stuff as my track is now 4/5 yr old in western suburbs of Sydney with mid to high 40 degree summer day and with freezing winters still looks as good as the day I layed it down...you can see the braid is uniform on both sides of slot and within its self ...
  9. Hehe, nice mark I agree Mark, I’ve played with a router. I have the scc recess bit an I have the slot bit ...I just built an Oval track a few months back it took me 2days to build paint then ran a nascar proxy on it a few days later ...I used the plastic strips with heaps of little holes in it can’t remember where I got them but there from a track maker suppliers... so I only did 1 nice an steady pass with the slot bit then followed the same nice an firm an steady with the recess bit and the finished product
  10. I’m interested in the new rules ... Hopefully alloy wheels is allowed as my car is still sitting with no rearend from last year ....
  11. Nice build Zack... I believe Zack is a Very good builder, actually I know his a good builder....
  12. GAS41T

    The Virus

    Australia is now in lockdown , All borders locked down with police checkpoints.... I work on construction sites installing aircon duct I’m home today on a rdo I’m worried we won’t be finishing Arnotts let alone going back to work anytime soon...
  13. Do we know if the post office will be open to send cars Paul...
  14. I think this proxy is a no go ... I don’t think the post office will be open to send the car ..... I have to visit my Dad today as the nursing home is locking down today @ 5oclock for a few weeks....
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