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  1. And just so you know that I am not been to lazy the VK Commodore is nearly there From now on I will be focusing mainly on the classes that interest me and that I enjoy the most. ATCC, muscle car, nascar, legends, grp5, fly classics, scaly f1 Classes like GT1, GT3, LMP, 65-80 are just not doing it for me and never really have done, so I am not interested in investing money or time in these classes I mostly like to scratch build or kit bash the cars that I love. I started building models at a young age but only got to put them on a shelf to collect dust, now I can build model cars and put them on a track and race them. That's where my passion is Personally I enjoy the lower powered classes as I find that pace of racing offers much closer dices and enjoyment on the track and for me that is where the fun is, it's not about how fast my laps times are, how many laps I have done, how many times I lap someone or if I get on the podium, they are nothing more than just a bonus to me. Close racing, good friends and plenty of harmless banter, OH! and awesome tasty slotdogs, to me that is what it is all about
  2. Mark It sounds like you are talking about the rear tyres Bingo is talking about the front tyres, coning is what Dave West doing
  3. Have had this one in the pipe line as well Packing some serious horse power 510cu Kieth Black all alloy block & heads, 14/71 elderbrock supercharger plus fuel injection putting out 1310bhp at the rear wheels
  4. Pat dropped off a new body for me yesterday 3d printed Holden HQ Monaro Thanks Dave West for putting us onto the website
  5. Thanks Mark I guess I will pick that up as soon as I am allowed to
  6. yep that was me thanks Dave I have been hunting for a decent HQ Holden body for a long time I do believe Bingo our in house engineer is printing in resin so will have to get him on to it
  7. Thanks for a great weekend. I should be back in action again on Thursdays shortly guys
  8. Thanks Mac & Pip for hosting this weekend, thanks Dave for coming down and sharing your knowledge. Learnt a couple of different ways of doing some things which I will now use in the future. Was good to have a catch up with all the guy's
  9. Hi Mac I am not 100% for the Friday night, will confirm later in the week. I will be there on the Saturday for the master class though and 2hr teams race
  10. Yep there are some great memories and great pics Pat. Love the classic nascar line up. I really need to get that 55 chevy up and running again I really didn't want the black widow track to end this way and it was a very hard decision that I had to make. Circumstances dictated that it needed to go one way or another, unfortunately it came to the another
  11. Yes it is Mac It was a very very hard decision for me to make but as there wasn't anyone in club that could take it, it just had to happen in order for me to move on with other plans Given that my shed is no longer a slot cave I will pass the piebone trophy onto Pedro as he is another holder of the title from the last piebone400 Peter, I will drop it into you one day during the week on my way passed
  12. The Blackwidow raceway track is no more Tuesday night Wednesday night Friday night
  13. I am still not feeling the grove yet. But I will be back if you are wondering
  14. Don't wait for me to start the legend series guy's I will probably be a while away, still haven't got the racing feeling back yet
  15. The track measurements are 4950L x 2800W (at widest point down far end) x 2250W (for the rest)
  16. Richard was saying that there was some discussion about my track blackwidow raceway at Pat's last night Here is a pic of it for those who haven't seen it https://imgur.com/a/NPGLYV3 I will measure it on Saturday and post here If anyone is keen on it I am willing to let it go reasonably cheap if it keeps it in the club But I can't hold onto it for to long as I need the space in the shed
  17. sounds good to me Mac, I know how great he is at tuning as for the Legends series I probably won't be around for the start but a great idea so don't worry about me might as well give someone else a chance to win
  18. I haven't really been feeling the love of racing lately so I have decided to take a break for a bit Also As I haven't used my track in quite some time now and not seeing it happing anytime soon, I am seriously considering moving it on, either complete or I will dismantle it and sell the computer, trakemate and wiring. I would like to use the space for something new If anyone in club is interested in either option hit me up
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