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  1. Well progress in the shed is slow but moving forward Put replacement strips of board around the bottom of the walls yesterday Plugged computer in but no joy as it wouldn't go past the screen with all the geek words, needed to push F1 but no go So set up the old laptop, not ideal but it is better than nothing. But this afternoon I had another play with the computer and discovered that the keyboard wasn't talking to the hard drive So the good news is the computer has survived the flood and is up and running again Now to get all the crap sorted and stored back under the track
  2. Sad news indeed, I only meet and raced with Keith a few times and was always a pleasure. He was a nice guy On the positive side of life I got a tour of Pedro's new cave today I am very very very jealous now and the track extension is looking really good
  3. I have managed to get another good load of stuff for the dump so will be heading there early before it gets busy. As stink as it was to have the shed flooded and lose a lot of stuff it has been a God send for me. As you guys know I have been trying to get the wife to sort things out and get rid of a lot of it for a very long time now. It has now finally happened
  4. Should be all good I think. Plus I don't want the wife thinking she can hold on to stuff I want gone. I am taking this opportunity to get things sorted
  5. Thanks Mark But the wall lining is chip board so don't need to be super flash and I have some of that stored out at work. I have got plenty of paint and painting gear. Step one is completed, all flood damage stuff is now at the dump. A very full 3m tandem trailer worth, clad it was free as it was a very very heavy load. Now I need to sort out the rest of it and store all keeping stuff in plastic boxes and put on top of the track until the concrete dries out properly I am thinking of putting that inter locking foam/rubber matting down round the track just incase we get flooding again.
  6. Yeah another good night. I was a bit gutted that I was having some controller issues in 65-80 class as the Ferrari 312PB was loving the track For those that have offered to help me with the shed clean up I thank you all very much but I will be all good I started on it tonight and have already got a fair bit on the trailer Most of the stuff has been hauled out and separated and half of the carpet is already pulled out The wall lineing has water damage to about 6 inches from the bottom I might just cut all that off and fit new bits in, that will be a lot faster and easier than replacing it
  7. I have access to about 5 trailers and a flatdeck ute so all good there, thanks for the offer I have to pull everything thing out and go through it all, some stuff are in plastic boxes but the wife has decided to get rid of heaps of stuff BOOOYEAH!!!!, been trying to get her to do that for years As for the carpet I will have to cut it and pull it out in sections and go from there, shouldn't be to hard. Will take the skirting boards off and see what it is like behind them. I can replace them easy enough
  8. and I hope the wall lining is ok as I don't want to have to replace all that
  9. spent Tuesday cleaning the yard and pulling carpet out of the mother inlaws shed my shed is going to have to wait until the weekend, need to get a trailer home and a couple of fine days to pull everything out and go though it carpet is stuffed and that is going to be the hardest bit to remove as the track is sitting on it
  10. 2 houses just down the road had their low block fences knocked completely over by bow waves from cars driving to fast. ASSHOLES!!!
  11. Heaps of stuff at floor level, will assess damage tomorrow. Carpet might be stuffed now. Water is still rising fast here, it is already over the first step. People walking down the street have water up to their knees
  12. Hope all are fine and not to flooded My place is under about 100mm of water at the moment and rising fast Shed is flooded so looks like a big clean up ahead
  13. agree that racing is getting faster & more furious all the time we are certainly getting some fast, tight door - door battles
  14. Yep great racing for sure I am normally not that much of a fan of the faster classes but that GRP5 was most certainly fast & furious with lots of hardcore battles just the way I like it I'd much rather fight and earn a spot on the podium than getting it by cleaning up
  15. I am out this week I will be at river valley lodge for work and won't be back until late
  16. The corvette might be Smithy's, I know he has one and I think it was those colours
  17. yep, a good night once again I was very happy with how my little Ferrari 312PB run was giving Mark a good run for his money until the guide wire popped out
  18. Ka tae ā tinana ahau ki reira. Ka kite ahau i a koutou i te Rāpere põ nei
  19. Brendon done a great job keeping the pressure on for the full 7 min
  20. Great racing tonight guys Probably one of the closest finishes over a 2hr race Need more of that
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