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  1. Nice one Pat, look forward to seeing where you go with this build
  2. Here's my plan, now I need to make it in to a working slot car
  3. With the sudden mass expansion to my family's bubble since level 3 and going into level 2, I am going to hold off for a bit yet.
  4. No. Acetone is used as a thinner, don't want to use that stuff Think of nail polish remover
  5. I have been texting with Mac about this Residue is my thinking as well With all the hand sanitizing and moisturizing going on lately with this Covid 19 I reckon it could be coming from his hands and it could be getting on to the sand paper on on the plastic surface Wax and grease remover that the automotive painters use works well in getting all the crap off Just don't touch it afterwards
  6. I have now completed the DTM BMW Hope the JS design chassis is up to the job, pretty sure it will work fine Didn't build this car to be a winner, I just wanted something different Now onto the VK Commodore
  7. The round disc that the braids fit in to and then slides on to the guide keeps popping out It was fine to start but now it pops out often. The last time I raced it a I had to pull out of the race because I could only get a few laps in before it would pop out again Munter you were the one that suggested we look at being able to change the guide I am not suggesting that the guide be open but may we look at something else that could become a standard guide. I might not have a issue with my new car but it is obviously it can be an issue Happy to stick with what it is if that is what the club wants It is only a suggestion
  8. Mark I think you are the one that needs slowing down in this class
  9. I would like to bring up rules for the BTCC class There was a discussion about allowing to change the guide I know that the car I have been using (owned by Hotrod) was having guide issues The quick braid change style guide in that car kept coming apart while racing Munter the scrutineer brought up the idea of opening up to a guide change which I agree with as the guide in question are unreliable in my opinion. I reckon we maybe decide on a suitable replacement guide that we make standard Maybe even get Bingo to print up some suitable guides for us That way we can have a better and more reliable set up
  10. Thanks guy's, I picked up a mx15 motor from Mark today and have run it in Will get it fitted and then I will post a pic of the finished car I have a few more projects I want to focus on this year
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