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  1. I will be rocking up to club with a little more style this year
  2. I got everything in the shed sorted and stored away today. Need to give the track a really good clean and re-rubber it up again, sounds like a mission for tomorrow
  3. I have already had the opportunity to run some laps on Peters track, I am expressed with how it flows
  4. With Pedro's track back up and running and I will have the blackwidow back in the rotation next year we should get some good quality racing Merry Christmas to all you slot nutters and see you in the new year
  5. Just noticed that we are on page 399 Few more posts and it will be 400 pages
  6. Well progress in the shed is slow but moving forward Put replacement strips of board around the bottom of the walls yesterday Plugged computer in but no joy as it wouldn't go past the screen with all the geek words, needed to push F1 but no go So set up the old laptop, not ideal but it is better than nothing. But this afternoon I had another play with the computer and discovered that the keyboard wasn't talking to the hard drive So the good news is the computer has survived the flood and is up and running again Now to get all the crap sorted and stored back under the track
  7. Sad news indeed, I only meet and raced with Keith a few times and was always a pleasure. He was a nice guy On the positive side of life I got a tour of Pedro's new cave today I am very very very jealous now and the track extension is looking really good
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