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  1. Thanks Mike, I do have a spare badge After first testing at Mark's on Thursday night it is running sweet, real easy to push hard and stays in the slot
  2. My car is ready for track testing Just need to paint and fit the inserts
  3. My new BTCC car is ready go Munter do you need to scrutineer it, I do believe it fits the rules
  4. It was great to see both cars on track together Maybe there can be another round of this competition or something similar next year
  5. Thanks Mac for hosting this competition and thanks to Munter for judging and also thanks to Pat for your generous act of kindness The blackwidow Torana took a lot of work but it is the type of build that I love doing
  6. Not war paint Pat, thats his Covid19 face mask. Got to stay safe in the waste lands
  7. The Holden LJ Torana Widowmaker is as done as it ever will be, was going to add more detail but just don't have the time now. Built this car to be my track the Blackwidow show
  8. Has anyone got a plastic or resin driver with no helmet, I need one for my fuglycool car and all my drivers are race drivers with helmets A half driver will be fine Cheers
  9. Just a couple of bits to tidy up and my car is ready for paint, should make a start on that today Will have it finished next weekend just in time for the deadline
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