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  1. Yep great racing for sure I am normally not that much of a fan of the faster classes but that GRP5 was most certainly fast & furious with lots of hardcore battles just the way I like it I'd much rather fight and earn a spot on the podium than getting it by cleaning up
  2. I am out this week I will be at river valley lodge for work and won't be back until late
  3. The corvette might be Smithy's, I know he has one and I think it was those colours
  4. yep, a good night once again I was very happy with how my little Ferrari 312PB run was giving Mark a good run for his money until the guide wire popped out
  5. Ka tae ā tinana ahau ki reira. Ka kite ahau i a koutou i te Rāpere põ nei
  6. Brendon done a great job keeping the pressure on for the full 7 min
  7. Great racing tonight guys Probably one of the closest finishes over a 2hr race Need more of that
  8. Hi guys Sorry I have not been around much but I have been very busy With all the TB reactions in cattle that on quite a few farms in Hawkes Bay as of late, work has gone absolutely mental as Ospri is in panic mode With all this covid 19 situation as of late and given NZ has gone up in alert levels and with the uncertainty around what is going to happen, I have decided to postpone the proxy until next year Hopefully things will be looking a hole lot better I will maintain the list of entrants
  9. Thanks Mike, I do have a spare badge After first testing at Mark's on Thursday night it is running sweet, real easy to push hard and stays in the slot
  10. My car is ready for track testing Just need to paint and fit the inserts
  11. My new BTCC car is ready go Munter do you need to scrutineer it, I do believe it fits the rules
  12. It was great to see both cars on track together Maybe there can be another round of this competition or something similar next year
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