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  1. god that takes me back. probably not the best look for advertising food. I think Hugo and Holly have eaten way to much KFC, maybe they should get out of the car and walk
  2. heading up that back straight will be very interesting. Bags not marshaling that loop looking really good though, can't wait to try it out
  3. still not feeling that flash so I'll have to give it a miss this week
  4. I was looking forward to this week, but I got sick again damn it all
  5. If you can't find any cars in your cave then you are blind as a bat, in which case you won't notice any of them accidentally falling into my slotbox and coming home with me
  6. Yeah the NSR F1's seemed like nice cars but they didn't really do anything for me
  7. good night in the Pedro cave last night great to see big numbers turning out
  8. I'll might be a goer this week
  9. Might look at modifying my holden OZ v8 into a Monaro and set it up as a muscle car
  10. Well Peter, it's JK's Oz v8 now. Was gonna build another one up but no point now. Was gonna be version 3 and even quicker than the last one
  11. oz v8s and nascar, thats 2 of my favs gone. had a cool nascar build in the pipeline to
  12. myself i like the lower powered classes simply because they offer much better door to door racing so on that note my least favorites are GT1, GT3, LMP, DTM and GRP C
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