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    looking for other slot car builders in the regin to learn more . just started building cars and a snall copper track
  1. that diorama is wonderful, nice to see the process. it's got me thinking again , nice one
  2. my first go at building a car still in the works maserati indy 500 The old EH Holden Lancer Evo die cast model conversion VW bug diecast conversion 67 Fairlady form 1/32 owners club
  3. i recived a EH for xmas almost competed project hope you like i did love the old EH's magic car
  4. great lighting effect, the look micky mouse
  5. great job on that, love the older japanese sports coupes
  6. i posted in the how to section ,hope it's helpfull
  7. martinpc

    My Little Bush Track

    it's on mdf board i used car bog in a few places to put in corrugations and sand on a few slippery spots the rocks are made of iron bark bark it's tight track a few spots they hit the rocks and the litte chicane bounces the lager cars around the size is 120cmx190cm just uder a roll of 30m copper tape used lap times i don't know yet but hope to put a lap timer on there i post a video as soon as i get the sides finished
  8. hay bale making. you will need raffia ribbon balsa or mdf {i used 8.5x75x915 balsa wood} school glue or pva sharp knife cotton and needle you need to split the raffia ribbon with the knife , easy to do in small sections once you get a good pile cut to 2cm next cut balsa wood to 2.5cm long by 1.3cm wide or the size you wan't on the narrow side cover with glue and place a clump of cut raffia on the glue and push down flat repeat for the over side and let dry for a while once dry cut flat to the balsa wood then glue the larger side and repear the process when this is dry glue and stick the ends let dry again and trim up, should be starting to look like a hay bale then wrap cotton around, and tie off run a few beads of glue around the sting dry again finished ,pain full i know but there all ready to glue on the track round bales raffia double sided tape around 2cm wide glue cardboard strips{breaky box} 2cm x 14 cm cut your srands of raffia around3 cm this time stick to one side of the double tape around 20cms of tape roll your carboard into the size circle you want the bails at ,i did under 2cm circle peel the other side of the tape of and rap around cut to size all the sides glue a pile of off cuts to top and bottom cotton around and all done
  9. nice i like the loop idea, great job
  10. martinpc

    My Little Bush Track

    hope you like it . still in the production scale .I'll post the fold up pic's when i have got a few things worked out,,, hope you like, love to get feed back as it's my first track
  11. if anyone is interested in how i made the haybales , im doing afew more in the next week , so can take a few pics of the process and post afew in place on the track
  12. martinpc

    Hi All

    thanks guys learning lots on the forum now , and hope to post a few pics as my car and track get moving
  13. martinpc

    Hi All

    any one in the mount gambier area in south australia, like to meet and race
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