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  1. Hi Guys First post on this thread and really looking forward to driving these little masterpieces on Allan's Spitfire Raceway next weekend hope to get some real fast times for you all Big Mick
  2. Thunder Slot use Torx I think
  3. Hi Brett I know a few guys like Jason Kerr had 1900 chassis under something and it was a rocket. We just seem to be struggling here with the GTJs in general but as I said before Plafit racing only just got off the ground here in Adelaide this year Mick
  4. As most on here Respect for Cam but that NSX bullet we had in the last race here at Tbird was on a 1700. Most people running the 1900 here under GTJs are struggling with them. However when I consider myself and my club mates that might just be us not getting the things right. Plafit racing is still in its infancy here in Adelaide
  5. BigMick

    Take Out Kings

    Ha I have used the FART technique a time or two. But JP is right some people will commit racing suicide rather than be lapped for the third or fourth time and so on. Most however will blip out before the corner saves me saves you. Only lose 12 inches of track position vs half a lap. for two cars or worse. May the farts be with you
  6. The new concept body Cam, I dont think anyone here has a HSV so not sure what the difference in Kym will ask the Team Boss ( Frank ) next time I catch up with him
  7. Hi Kym We recently ran a mini Z enduro at T Bird on the track the APC will be run on this year. A Honda NSX Driven by me but alas not owned was top qualifier by .2 of a second over a Ferrari then the usual horde of Mclarens. I must say I would really like to own that car Big Mick
  8. Ha I wish just dont have the time for slots like I used to. I have changed jobs after the demise of The Holden plant and the work hours leave me getting in to T Bird once a month if I am lucky. Still very keen but not much in the way of Saturday night racing here in Adelaide Mick
  9. Hmm got my hands on one of these beauties will have to get to work on a paint job soon
  10. A couple of very tough marshaling spots if we go reverse Noel it will be interesting to see what the decision is
  11. My wife sez that every time I lock myself up in the "car room" or leave for Thunderbird "are you playing toy cars tonight dear" Hmmm Lucky I love her. As we all know these little cars can be bought from toy stores but can very quickly become an obsession
  12. They have not met me then. Some all you can eats went out of business when I moved in to the area LOL
  13. Yep I like that one. Axman has a point to I always get nervous coming up to lap a slower car I will always pick an inside corner to make the move even if I have the pace to go around the outside. It is just to risky.
  14. All our tracks here in Adelaide stop the timer as well so you are only losing ground to the crashed cars. This is of course fundamentally wrong. if you crash you should lose time and track position to the rest of the field. I hate that TRACK call because all to often it is someone who has just come off and is stopping the field why they are put back on. I think the only workable solution is marshal's pay attention to you corner and get the cars off the track while others pass through. Easier said that done I know. Merry Xmas Big Mick
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