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  1. He sure did. Are you fitting the oxygen mask he wore in the day as well? Nice work there mate, you should be extremely proud
  2. Try Speedcafe Steve http://www.speedcafe.com/
  3. Great work Jim, really like the Coke livery.
  4. Outstanding work as ever Jim. How hot would it be under that glass bubble Porsche.
  5. Thanks for sharing Terry, marvellous!!
  6. I think you are right about Homestead Terry. My first trip to the Farm was early in 1972, travelling by train with a mate from Como. I remember the bugler and also a very smart looking red Mustang, I've been a Ford man ever since.
  7. Mate you are a legend. Thanks for sharing and please keep them coming. Pete and the Mustang...sigh. Thanks again Terry
  8. Legendary piece of work from Arkin, Toby must stick
  9. Bumping this up. Any news on the podium photos? Steve
  10. 1.25am Pagey? Way past your bedtime mate
  11. Special call out to the Dapto boys and fast and happy racing to all, this looks like a great meet.
  12. Going Ford is the going thing...no prisoners Brett! Steve
  13. Thanks for posting Brooksy, any results for the Historics?
  14. So that begs a request, if you have any podium photos can you please post them. There was one local, I presume, with an SLR that was snapping away.
  15. Have any pictures of the Podium turned up yet Michael?
  16. Its a work of art Jim. Congratulations!
  17. Nice work Jim. The advertising is a bit distracting, discussions might turn a bit blue.
  18. That's brilliant Jan. I've had the pleasure of watching him peddle on many an occasion, and he was no slouch either
  19. Shadow, Linfox is Dapto based, Brooksy is an adopted son after all.
  20. Shadow, Its coming together nicely. Two more potential teams. Dapto's Team Nissan were keen and I expect will focus on this race post the MCN. JJ, Jamie and Big Al also said they were interested. Steve
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