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  1. Might be worth trying some cars at the higher end of performance. Brands like Slot It, NSR, Sideways, ScaleAuto offer far better non-mag performance compared to Scaley. Metal wheels, better gears/mesh, adjustable front axles, motor pods etc Scaley also does the Aussie muscle cars I like. I haven't seen them in any other brand.
  2. I think I may have to try the higher end brand slot cars.
  3. Hi Wobble, they are both 'Fast and Furious' cars. The Camaro just fish tails to the max, something the Challenger does not do. Tyres are standard. Could you recommend any other particularly good cars to run magless?
  4. It seems pointless trying to go all magless because of the wildly varying performances that happen. As I mentioned previously, my Challenger without a magnet is on par with the Camaro fitted with a full thickness magnet. I think I will have to get multiples of the same car in order to have a competitive race.
  5. That is handy to know about the Scalextric GT40, hence I won't waste my time on them.
  6. There are MJKs on the Falcon which keeps it evenish with the Challenger. The GT40s are pigs without magnets and cannot compete with the Challenger. Is this normal? Physics tells me this should not be the case.
  7. I removed the magnets from most of my cars because I really enjoy the way the cars slip and slide around the track. My problem is that many of my cars are not remotely in the same league as each other. For example, to achieve parity, I removed the magnet from my Dodge Challenger and it is a beast. My Brut 33 XB and F-Bomb Camaro have no hope of staying with it on the track. So I have refitted the full thickness magnet to the Camaro and half thickness to the XB. All 3 are now in the same league, but I still prefer to run magless in every car. Is my best hop to have multiples of the same car to achieve parity or are there tuning tricks for magless that I need to be enlightened about?
  8. My Fast and Furious Dodge Challenger is a demon in magless running. I have no idea why, so I can't pass on any tuning tips. The Camaro from that same set is impossible to get anywhere near as fast as the Dodge as it fishtales excessively, something I am trying to eliminate. Brutal 33 XB Falcon is ok as well.
  9. A hobby... Yes, definitely an addiction. Did I say addiction? No, no no. A hobby. An addictive hobby...
  10. Thanks for the advice guys. Is there anywhere I can post a video on this site? Since removing the magnets on most of my cars, the Dodge Challenger has lost all its pretense at ever having any manners and provides a spectacular visual. It has all the finesse of a rodeo bull on heat yet does not deslot easily. Quite unlike my XB or GT40...
  11. Thanks ZeGas. Would the adjustable Scalextric hand control be better than the standard one?
  12. What about hand controller? Is there one that would be better for magless than the standard Scalextric one?
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