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  1. Hi, I am heading to Brisbane in a few weeks and thought I might go and see what the shops there have to offer. Apart from Red Racer where else do you recommend I go? Cheers
  2. Anthony G

    Power Loss

    Thanks for that
  3. Anthony G

    Power Loss

    Hi, why is it that my digital cars seem to have less power when I am running in analogue mode? Generally they lose about 1 sec per lap when it usually takes about 8 secs to get around. I do not have power boosters, would this eliminate the problem or just take the chip out of them when I want to run in analogue. Thanks Anthony . P.S. I will post some pictures shortly
  4. Thanks 32 coupe, that was the problem.
  5. Thanks for the replies, and I had a bit of a chuckle at Embers response. I am finding that my Scaley slick tyres on my GT cars ( synthetic rubber?) don't tend to like the WD 40 I use to clean the track as they get a film on them that I have to clean after every time I do this. Should I get a tyre cleaner or is there a cheaper way o doing this?
  6. Kalbfellp, I went down to the local slot car track the other day after speaking to an old Go-kart buddy Adrian Bycroft, the other day, he might know your brother? Does he race?
  7. Well have my new track, not much has changed from my existing track, just added an extra section from the main straight ( I am yet to take pictures) but it now runs at about 6.5-7secs per lap pending n which car I am using. Just waiting to afford my second power supply and some more barriers instead of the afx barriers I bought originally to get the most out of it!
  8. Thanks DM, that version looks great! But I am after the original 500. Does anybody make these? P.S the second car is an 850 ;-)
  9. Just wondering what is the best method of tyre longevity for standard tyres?
  10. Anthony G

    Fly Cars

    Have to wait for X-mas to get these beauties....Yes it was a great price from Powerslotcars in the U.S. Could not pass it up at the price! By TLC, what would be the main things I need to worry about for my home track?
  11. The rear axle seems fine, as do the cogs, could it be the shaft from the motor?
  12. Just wondering what is the recommendation for running in new cars?
  13. Cant really understand why they haven't made the Fiat 500 abarth model, it is a much more popular car ( I am biased, I have a 68 model in my garage!)
  14. I remember that concept when it first came out, Renault V10!
  15. Anthony G

    Fly Cars

    Just ordered a few Fly cars from the USA, the ToTip Ferrari F40 and a 250GTO kits, just wondering if anybody has them and how they run on a Scaley track?
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