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  1. do they play cricket in the UK ??
  2. r_soul

    Drift Plates

    u could, with a few irreversible mods.........plus the chip inside the car too i've thought of doing it to 1 just to see............i like the thought of being able to flick it round and run the track backwards also, because there's no stop on the guide the car can hang out further without the guide stop deslotting u........i love my little drift car, but i wish a few of the others could have the same option
  3. hobbyone on creek RD mt gravat seems to have a fair selection too i'm goin down there on the weekend to pick up a few goodies :(
  4. i'd have to help espsix out on that 1 and go with an XE......they're easier to interchange with the XF but i'd go the XY ofcourse
  5. This is for you Dog awsome vid Gaz................verry nastalgic from times when u needed Ballz of steel to tackle the mountain......drivers these days do it too easy thanks for sharing that 1
  6. thanks for the input guys..................that cleared a few things up for me
  7. Hobby one, at creek rd mt Gravat has a huge range of everything u need (excet ninco, cars or track) http://www.hobbyone.com.au/
  8. ok, so it's AMP's.....did they do anything to solve the problem?? if there's more amps put to the rails....will an electric motor be greedy and use too much or will it only draw what it's suposed to??? do those chips have some sort of resistor in them to deal with this ??? these may all be stupid Q's, if so, i'm sorry.........i'm not the brightest spark......but i'm trying verry trying
  9. a loss of power considering we go to the trouble powering our annalog tracks seperatly because there is a noticable amount of power interuption how would this not apply to the digital set.......i know they all have their own seperate radio signal, but i'm pretty sure u couldn't give each car their own 16 volts please don't jump all over me if there is an obvious answer, cos this has got me stumped, and is the only reason i didn't go digital with my recent purchase of the la mans and mountain mayhem tracks
  10. sorry 'bout the pic size.................as i said..........i'm a noob
  11. how are u all... i've been readin this forum for a few months now, and only just registered. i'm just gettin back into slots after a long spell, it started down at the local track with the 1/24 scale rockets, but i soon felt the need for a track at home i was lookin through all the sets around at the moment and come up with a plan to buy 2 sets, then buy all the extras to turn that into a 4 lane layout so i picked up the scaley mt mayem & the le mans.........both have the same track pieces so will be easier and cheaper to turn to a decent 4 laner i also picked up one of those new 360 drift cars..........i recomend every1 buy 1 or 2 of these suckers cos they're loads of fun..........just don't run em with any decencent cars (head on's are nasty) LET THE OBSSESIVE COMPULSIVE COLLECTING BEGIN
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