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  1. Latest Slotworx builds : Shell FGX Falcon and Vortex Holden . Cheers Kev
  2. Looks good Ray , is that the home grown body Frank's painted ( Sunset ) or the Ace Hobby one ? Kev
  3. Thanks Jan , not sure on the gentleman tag though Acura LMP body on Slotfabrik chassis finally finished , link to build https://picasaweb.go...feat=directlink The car weighs in at 184 grams and will be entered in the heavyweight class Cheers Kev
  4. Hi Kim , hope your well Hey look , I have no problems with Jan's comments whatsoever , as you say 'the rules are the rules' . The intention was to build an OAPR spec car , so I should have taken the time to look over the 2016 rules before changing the colour design . Fortunately I don't have to cancel any hotel rooms or flight bookings because I can't participate in a National event The original plan for the livery was to follow on with Marlboro theme I've been using on my cars of late , but as white requires many coats ( using water based paint brushed on ) I decided to try save some body weight by introducing a darker colour ....this changed the design altogether , the car was re-stickered and became a fantasy livery . Anyway when the car is finally finished I will re-post in a separate thread . I'll be back !! with a legal livery Cheers Kev
  5. Thanks for posting that Ray , enjoyed the read and pics . Love that naked carbon fibre finish on the Pagani Zonda Kev
  6. https://grrc.goodwood.com/festival-of-sp.../live-social-stream
  7. Thanks Ray , your efforts are much appreciated both here and at the club .
  8. Thanks for the heads up on the silver Glenn , time I invested in an air brush setup myself . Kev
  9. Nice job on the Gibson Motorsport car Glenn , your silver finish has turned out really well .... curious to know if you've brushed that colour with Jo Sonja's paint or is it spray painted ? Kev
  10. Picking up the live stream now on www.fiawec.com/ Yes you do need to pay , costs 29 euro ($42) , not bad for a year of racing ....great reception . Kev
  11. G'day Alan Channel 511 on FOX sports I think . Or , you should find it live streaming here on the PC .... www.fiawec.com/ .... www.lemanslive.com .....enjoy the race Kev
  12. Saw the Perkins car on the Slotworx setting on the weekend , awesome car Jimmy we could have sold it a number of times ... the other cars on display and the interior of Glenn's looked great also . Wasn't present for the endurance race but from what I've heard the race went well . Here are the 8 team cars which lined up for the event . Kev
  13. That's what makes the 1/32 scale LMP/OPEN such an awesome class to race in both at club and competition level ,the fact that there are so many different manufacturers capable of winning races when set up with the correct motor/pod/gear/tyre/triggerman configurations . Finding the right package that works for you is a challenge and often frustrating , but one I love ...it's my favourite 1/32 class by far . Get out there and experiment John , there's a car out there that suits you ...who knows it could even be the car above Kev
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