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  1. Sorry Slotspeed, here is the link. https://www.slotforum.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=50206&page=1#
  2. Thanks Fomoco, much appreciated. Thanks SLotsNZ, and I will need that help lol. Slotspeed, the table cost me just under $200 in materials bought from Bunnings. The frame is 75x35 and the legs are 100x50. The top is 12mm MDF and I also have a 3mm sheet for borders not yet put up. Yes, in time I plan on adding the digital pieces in. The only part in the set was a double changeover so for now I'm not too fussed. When I do add them in, I'll add a switch to change between analogue & digital and leave them both setup permanently. I have read how to do it on the Slotforum International site and it seems relatively easy. I spoke to that bloke as well regarding more track. The timing wasn't right for me either but when it was, the value of the digital set was much better. In fact, the price I bought the set for was the cheapest I've seen nationwide, with the added bonus that this shop is in my home town.
  3. I got my layout finished today. I've cut a few laps, its not too bad to drive but I hate R1 corners :lol: The layout will change when I get some R2 & R3 curves and I also made the rookie error of having the drivers stations in the table cutout. I'll have to swap it to the other straight so I can see past the kids heads & visa versa. The cutout will be great for marshaling though. Luckily my kids love to marshal crashed cars plus there is the added bonus that they don't have to run as far as they do at the RC track. Lane length is over 16m. Now I need ideas for timing & race management. Scenery will begin once I settle on a layout.
  4. That's the plan Capri. I bought a router years ago to make a wood track. Life got in the way.
  5. Did you end up keeping the track? I'm nearby & keen to meet up
  6. After wanting a "proper" slot car set ever since I was a child, I ended up lashing out and buying a Carrera Evolution set a couple of years ago for the kids and I to muck around with. This went well for a while until a controller died and I soon forgot about the small setup in the shed. While away for work, I came across a shop selling the Carrera Cars 3 set. I thought it would make an excellent addition to the original track, as well as gaining some kid proof cars and that elusive extra controller required. The kids were ecstatic to say the least. Unfortunately we didn't have time to set it up that day and the kids had to wait a bit longer. Well, the next day I stumbled across a local shop that sells models & footy memorabilia. As it turns out, they also sell Carrera stuff. Needless to say, I didn't go home empty handed. I splurged on the new GT Triple Power set. Well that went really well on the floor in the living room for a week until the wife decided enough was enough and we had to pack it away. Well, I'm not one to just pack my toys away and not use them so a trip to Bunnings and some quality shed time was in order. Two days later I had this nice table knocked up. Now we have somewhere permanent and large enough to set up something really nice. Just ignore the mess. Between work, kids sport and RC racing, there isnt much time to clean out the shed. Besides, that's a job for warmer weather. I just cant wait to get this little beauty on the track.
  7. Nice rig mate. Where can I find details on the HRW brass-am challenge?
  8. A quick question for the experienced, how do you go about choosing the gauge of rods for the main chassis rails and braces? Is there a standard that you would start out with, using trial and error until the chassis flexes just right?
  9. I will do ZeGas. At this stage it will only be practice on the tube stock I have, until I have the time to sit down and properly design a chassis next month. I have holidays in a couple of weeks with the family, heading up north to the coast. Mr 3yo has never seen the ocean, so a beach holiday is in order. I'll organise a new torch this week and get some more practice in before going away though. But you are more than welcome to post your progress in here, I think the comparisons would be beneficial to us both.
  10. Thanks for the tips. DM, I'm in Molong, NSW. There is a club in Dubbo, but I'm yet to head over there and meet them. Well I went and bought some tube and flux and gave myself a crash course in soldering tube last night. It turned out ok, and strong, but have decided that I need a slightly larger heat torch. The solder didn't flow as well as I wanted around the back of the joint. The one I was using is a cigar lighter and was just a bit small and my butane soldering iron isn't good enough to get the job done. It's more suited to automotive wiring for which it was designed. I have also discovered that a fine hacksaw is still too course for such small tube. I now have on my shopping list: Dremel tool (I need one of these badly) and assorted fittings. Larger butane torch Brass stock Ceramic honeycomb plate. Axles, bearings, motor plates etc. So pretty much everything!!
  11. Gday I have some resin casts on the way from Munter (cheers mate, I cant wait for these to turn up), and I have been looking into making some brass chassis'. Can anyone recommend somewhere to obtain a chassis jig in Aus? What solder and flux are you brass experts using? Just a plain 60/40? Or a quality silver solder and acid flux? Are there any basic websites to give good ideas and advice for beginners? Cheers, Sam
  12. Backo

    Mounties Speedway

    Very cool. The drive through for the pace car is awesome.
  13. Hi Neil Thanks for the input there. Im planning a fairly large elevation change uphill around the donut and switchback onto the straight with "steps" coming back down toward the hairpin. Being new to this Im not too sure how tight an R1 is, but hows this... I have a couple more ideas flowing around now. Should have something on paper tomorrow night
  14. Track design had been on the back burner for a few days while I was busy at work. I have come up with a couple of designs, taking into consideration the advice above. Here are the results... This is the image flipped to make it easier to look at track # 2 These have by no means been finalised and at the moment I am still looking for inspiration. Please let me know of what you think of the designs.
  15. Thanks for the tips. I think I have tried to do too much on my first go. SlotsNZ, do you know how wide the table is on the longer section? Working out the wiring is down the list yet, but I don't think it will be too hard. Caddo, that setup looks like the go. I might use a variation on that track. Axman, I had planned on running the back straight off the columns in the shed to allow for more track space. Branco, nice track mate. Simple yet effective Back to the drawing board.
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