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  1. Thanks, Yes, the previous pic is with the clear coat applied
  2. OK, I've started again, and have gone for a simpler design using vinyl instead of attempting mask and paint, perhaps a little too ambitious for my first attempt. The blue is a mix of blue and metallic silver paint from Aldi, then the vinyl applied, then a few coats of gloss clear. The wheels are straight up gold from Aldi. Now I'll just wait a few days and then reassemble the car.
  3. Well my masking failed because the vinyl I used was too sticky and I couldn't get it off without damaging the blue or the white paint, back to the drawing board...
  4. White coat is down, next up is masking, then some blue
  5. This is what I am going for:
  6. Thanks Matt, it a jag, so naturally, I'm going to paint it blue
  7. I got a new toy for father's day, an Aldi airbrush kit, so I decided it was time to do my first livery re-paint. It's a Jaguar XKR GT from the first Scalextric Digital kit I bought a number of years ago: Stripped the old livery by soaking in methylated spirits. Primed with Humbrol acrylic pressure packed primer and ready for paint.
  8. Well said, I find slot car racing much more fun when there is no scoring/championship/sheep stations at stake.
  9. Some pics I took of the finished product: Thanks Shadow_Rusty and Bob, this means a lot to me. MB
  10. You can always try running magless if you want to make it more exciting.
  11. Happy Birthday Shadow_Rusty!! May your day be filled with slot car racing
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