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  1. Hello, I have a problem with my Carrera Digital 132 track, specifically the pace car function. No issues programming the car and when I press the pace car button again the pace car starts taking every lane change as it should including the pit lane entry. Problem is it doesn't stop but rather drives straight out and keeps on going. I do have AKS set up on both the pit entry and exit and suspect it may have something to do with the issue. Fuelling and lap counting functions of the pit lane operate fine. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. ScottM


    That looks awesome Jules. Can't wait to see something available in Camaro.
  3. So I ended up backing myself and chipped the lanes on my digital track (which has been done before). But what I was happy with most of all is that I was able to isolate all the digital equipment from the track rails when the setup is in analog mode without running the power supplies all way back to the control unit of having individual switches. This means that all my digital equipment can be moved to any position in the setup without having to worry about moving wires. Works great.
  4. I must admit I am very surprised that this topic has not sparked some interest. Nobody has anything to add?
  5. Hello .... As the topic indicates I am interested in making a switch box allowing simple and easy changing between Digital and Analog modes on a Carrera Digital 132 track. I have researched and found bits and pieces of information around the traps but nothing that 100% ties this together for me. A lot of the information I have found is referring to the creation of a change over box for Pro-X and no specific mention of Digital 132 takes place or the information is in German. If the feedback is that this has already been answered comprehensively elsewhere please advise where. Otherwise I am hoping this thread will turn into a one stop shop for anyone wanting to run a dual purpose track. What I think I know: 1- The idea of a change over switch is to have only one control unit (Digital or Analog) connected to the track at any one time. 2- Carrera digital and analog run different polarities which need to be corrected through the “changeover switch” 3- In digital mode there is effectively only one track as the inner and outer track are joined through circuitry in the Digital 132 control box. 4- The cross over slot in and lane change section has the ability to short the inner and outer track together and must be modified. I have read that insulating the joint where the cross over slot meets at the two halves of the lane changer set is necessary either by applying insulation of creating a small gap by filing. Thoughts? What I don’t know: 1- I have seen some chatter about damaging the pit stop but nothing that clearly indicates how to get around this. 2- How many power supplies are required? Do you plug one into each control unit (Digital and Analog) and just use the change over switch to allocate track control or is only one power supply needed to facilitate both functions? I am no stranger to a soldering iron but am not prepared to back myself until I have all the answers. I am really hoping that some of you guys/girls who may have been involved in this mod have some great knowledge to share resulting in a step by step tutorial for all to reference. Regards .... Scott
  6. I have chipped both the 956 and the 962. Wasn't very hard. I would post some pictures if I coukd work out how to ... Lol.
  7. Please pm me the details for this also if you don't mind.
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