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  1. Based on our sales the hobby is not declining – the move simply reflects the changing preference of our customers. A couple of things you must consider when looking at Armchair Racer is that we have never been a “traditional” slot car centre which are predominantly opened afternoons and evenings. We are open 7 days and only have a few evening race events monthly. Our core business has always been focused on retail and distribution and with that comes the after sales support of the products we sell. The next major consideration is where we are located – only a few km from the centre of Sydney. Sydney’s rents in the past few years have surged. The tracks occupy around 50% of the floor space but do not generate the revenue to make them viable anymore. All we are doing is structuring our business to ensure longevity. As you all know there have been other slot car centres that have closed possibly because they have not adjusted to the market changes. We have been in business for 23 years and expect to be around for many to come. If we thought the hobby was declining we would wind up the business rather than recommit to the future as we are doing.
  2. Jim will be having at chat with Clinton Maynard from 2UE Talking Lifestyle at around 3.10pm this afternoon. Both these boys love their slot cars so it could be a lengthy discussion. https://www.talkinglifestyle.com.au/shows/
  3. News just in - Scalextric are doing a 2nd production run of the C3697 XB Falcon. It is scheduled for release mid 2017. Great news for those who missed out or those who simply want more.
  4. Remember Maurizio telling us his favourite quote he received from a customer. Went something like this: Slot.it is like a pig - pull it apart and you can use every part of it.
  5. Hi Mopar, we know your email address is now sorted. Apologies for the inconvenience, we have looked into the issue on the website and have started the process of getting the error resolved. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
  6. Broadcasting on Foxtel tonight 25 August - 7.30pm A&E channel 122
  7. Recently at Armchair Racer... http://www.aetv.com.au/videos/pawn-stars-australia-slot-car-racing/
  8. You'll find almost every centre supports special needs and other community groups. We host a special needs group each school holidays as a respite for their parents and support a number of other community groups in various ways via donations etc. We know that both Penrith and Slot Shop also do similar things.
  9. We have just put a bunch (currently 12) Carrera Digital 132 cars on sale - check out our SPECIALS PAGE. There is a switch on the chassis so they can be run in analogue mode and therefore they will run on any analogue home system or commercial track. Most models have working lights.
  10. We can confirm due to licencing and body changes there will be no Australia Limited release V8's released by Scalextric this year. We know some of you will be disappointed, however, this year Australia is very lucky having a wide range of Australia "flavoured" models in the general release range and also a large number of Australian Limited releases.
  11. The P047 (Al Green) and P041 (Jack Douglas) will be arriving together.
  12. Should it will be here within the next 2 weeks.
  13. mattcrackers -: C3492 Brock/Sampson due any day. We are not certain if the C3529 Gardner/Morris is on the same shipment but we do know it is in transit. shadow_rusty -: was wondering how quickly our error would be picked up. Yes the images on the right are the Scalextric models. The large image we have of the Ford is the wrong year but we have the correct one on our web page. From our investigation the Torana's are correct. That is the 1975 model raced by Gardner/Morris - it had the Australian flag on the roof.
  14. We have received confirmation that Scalextric are releasing two Australian Limited edition models. The Torana that placed second at Bathurst 1975 is in transit and XB Falcon raced by Johnson/Schuppan at Bathurst 1977 is due in 2015.
  15. Just to clarify - the image is of the real car - the 2014 models will have no interior just as in previous years. The V8' are an Australian Limited release. They are not numbered like some other limited releases - the main reason is the models are (often) also supplied in the Australian release V8 sets.
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