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  1. Love this little Imp. Did you model this yourself or buy this model? Thanks Fred
  2. thank you so much this is a great help
  3. I am trying to model a Ferrari 312T and need to know the size of a 23tooth slot it crown gear as I think this is the one that will fit the best. If anyone could help with diameter and width I would much appreciate their help. Thank you
  4. I would love to see some images of what you have done with the escort. Could you post some please?
  5. You guys should watch MotoGP The best racing out thee. Close combative, you can see the riders and is really dangerous very exciting
  6. Guys thanks for your help. I have switched to firefox and replied with know issues at all. I was indeed using IE10 so that was tha problem. Will keep using firefox now. Thanks again
  7. Hi guys I do not post as often as I would like as it takes me so long. The reason being as I type letters are being missed and I am constantly retyping. This is the only place this happens to me so not the computer. Anyone else have issues? I will retype without the fixes to show what I mean. Cheers Hi uys. I do not post as often as Iiould like as it taes so long. hereason beig as ypeletters are eing missed and I am constantly rtyping. This is theonlyplace h apens s ot thecopte Anyone else ave issue? I ill retypewithoutthe fixes to show wha mea. Chees
  8. Aah this means the crown has to always be on the right hand side of the car when looking from the back also. What are the reasons for using offset gears? Do you guys have a preference?
  9. Thanks Rosco I have heard of offset with gears etc but did not realise what it was. I always thought it must have been to do with the shape of he crown gear Than you again as I have learnt some more. fred
  10. That is very interesting having the motor shaft perfectly perpendicular to the rear axle. Love your work and learnt so much with todays post.
  11. This is a fantastic build and an absolute inspiration about what is possible. Great job and I cannot wait for "War and Peace" part 2
  12. A little question to those out there building bodies. Do you slosh cast or two piece mold? I am sure I am not alone in wanting to see the molds you have produced and how they are set up. Some pictures would be great. Thanks
  13. Hi Guys, I would like to apologise to all as I think I have posted this car a little early. I have had one printed in the past although it was a slightly earlier model but it was the basis for this one. The wall thickness was fine. I have one on the way so will post photos of this when it arrives. Again please accept my apologies.If moderators would like to remove thread I understand
  14. An update on the Tru-Blu Falcon I have finished modelling the falcon and added windows and an interior. The renders can be viewed here at my shapeways store. http://www.shapeways.com/shops/studio67
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