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    Scaley Mercury Cougar?

    Takes a bit of work but I've lowered mine in the front by 2.5+mm put Pioneer Mustang tyres on the front, slightly wider rear axle with MJK's, added a few gms of ballast and it performs real well. I can't win any races with it but I can't win any with my Camaro's either.
  2. Good one guys. High 5's all round. Ta for a good run. Comments on my 'BMW 320i' interesting. "Handles awesome for a Porsche"?
  3. DW, I already want to do it again. Count me in. I'll probably take the non-podded route too.
  4. Good stuff guys. Glad to see the ball's finally started rolling. Time to stop biting fingernails and let them start growing again. Gotta love those photos, especially those at track level. Almost looks like the real thing.
  5. How about this for a movie camera. Bet you're glad technology has moved on. Real nice BB there.
  6. Wobble


    Hi, you can get MT-1 motors straight from Mark at M/T. Google 'MT racing resins' and Marks email address is on the home page. Good motors, good guy.
  7. Wobble

    Cheap Tricks

    Light weight interiors where lexan is banned. Free Formica samples from your favourite hardware store are cheap, thin, easy to cut, file, sand, drill, glue and paint and are tough and quite light.
  8. Thanks SlotsNZ, Impala looks great. I've got the same truck kit and have been wondering how to set it up and you've given me food for thought. I'll be keeping an eye out.
  9. How many more sleeps? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
  10. It might pay to check with Wazza as well. I had a car with the same guide on his track and although the depth was right on the limit it picked up dust from the bottom of the slot and almost every lap the tyres needed cleaning.
  11. Beemer 320. Modified Sideways Capri chassis. 1mm offset pod. 25k Shark. 10:35 gears. 20x11 Ultragrips. 104gms. (slight change to ballast)
  12. FLY Capri. Modified Sideways Capri chassis. 1mm offset pod. 25k Shark. 10:36 gears 20.5x11.5 Ultragrips. 100gms. (slight change to ballast)
  13. Yep, dial it in then Dave. I figured there wouldn't be too many of these on the grid and being as it's the 22nd entry, that's good for me. 22 is my favourite no-, just hoping it's my lucky number as well and not offset by the no- on the car.
  14. Hey Dave, how's the GRP 5 grid filling up mate? I'd like to give Manfred Winkelhock's wee BMW 320 a run with the big boys if there's room.
  15. Dave, nice looking piece of kit there. Easy to see why our cars were at the opposite ends of the field. The attention to detail and time and effort you put into it is right up there. The Lola arrived today. Time to put my thinking cap on now so it's well and truly ready for next year. Thanks for allowing me to be part of it and also thanks for putting in the time to organise it all cheers, Bram
  16. My contender thanks to Chas and his advice of how to get the photo on here..
  17. Hi Dave, here's something I just thought about. What about a 'Drvers choice' award? During the proxy each car races on 29 lanes all up so that means 29 different drivers. What if each driver chose 1 car as his/her favourite car, for whatever reason? Maybe how it drives or even how it looks, possibly even 1 point was allotted to that car. Sure it might mean that 1 car gets all 29 points but it's more than likely that these points would be spread over at least a few different cars. Like I say, just a thought but it might also spice things up a little.
  18. Good on you Dave and Drew. You set the bar pretty high. Something to aim for so count me In for next year as well. Good to see what it's like to have a car competing with some of the best in NZ. Gotta go and do some work on a Capri and Beemer 320 now. cheers, Bram
  19. Good stuff. Just got in in time to see the very last race. Dave, that 917/30 really is a monster, made me dizzy just watching it. Dunno how you drive it. Racking my brains trying to imagine what I can do to a T70 to make it go half as well.
  20. 'Tyres are going off'. I think the Nelson guys got the best out of them. Next year it'll be wearing Supergrips as well.
  21. Hi Chas and Neil, good job you guys, I've built a couple of chassis using styrene and I use Humbrol Poly cement. It doesn't glue styrene it actually fuses it together more like welding. Just can't use too much glue as it softens the styrene until it cures. Can take more than 24hrs. Once it's cured though it's pretty tough. Just wondering Neil if yours wasn't quite cured to come to grief like that. Also Neil you might want to consider a flat piece with the o.d. of your styrene guide tube drilled through it to glue down from the top to reinforce it. My biggest problem is not having a track to test on so it's all head work. Maybe that's why my Lola isn't going too well in Can-Am.
  22. Yes Dave and I know I won't be using a 20k Shark motor in GRP 5
  23. WOW, thanks guys, good job. A track that suits the slowest car. So used to being one of the tail gunners more than a bit surprised to get so close to the pointy end. A case of 'Slow is smooth, smooth is fast!
  24. Good job Wazza. I was fortunate to see the cars running during qualifying and was thoroughly impressed by all of them and it's given me a few clues as is to what is required to get a car up to speed so thanks to all of the entrants. Unfortunately I won't be able to be there next Friday so good luck to all. If this event should run again next year "I'll be back"
  25. I've got SG5S (Slot Group 5 Syndrome). Might have to start a support group.
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