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  1. Yep, I think Malomay's hit the nail on the head. Sounds familiar.
  2. Wobble

    Policar 512 Coda Lunga

    Thanks Mark. I had intended to write 'Alpha series' to clarify, but got side-tracked by adding "(ghastly inline chassis)" to describe it. However your description is a lot fuller than mine would/could have been.
  3. Totally different kettle of fish. Scalextric opted to make the XB/C wider than scale by about 3-4mm and the XY/W 2-3mm narrower than scale dims, where there should only been about 1mm difference between the 2 models.
  4. Tired of my Fly Alpha (ghastly inline chassis) 512 Coda Lunga sitting in the drawer doing nothing. The Alpha body is lighter than the regular version and it also has a light-weight tray interior which is great if it's required to undergo a change of chassis. Turns out with minimal work a Policar 330 P4/ 412P chassis is easy to install. The pod side mounting holes line up with the body posts and I had to add a new chassis mount at the front behind the guide that lines up with the front body post. Last night it had its 1st real run and was holding its own against a NSR Ford Mk4 so I'm happy with that and it looks real good hunkered down and going for it.
  5. I recall reading somewhere that Scalextric is going to stop providing most or all replacement parts for their cars. This might have already started. Good luck.
  6. "A full set" Does that mean a full set of 6 to run together or all the Scalextric Bathurst winning cars? There's quite a few - scalextric bathurst winner - Google Search - and probably more than you'll see here. Have fun hunting them out anyway.
  7. OK, so that just takes out each conversation. In stead, when you click on the 'messages' icon, go down to 'go to inbox' at bottom of menu, and then tick the box under each member's avatar and enjoy a bulk delete.
  8. Click on the 'messages' icon at the top right of page, then open a message and click on 'options' at the top right of page, and 'delete conversation' will appear as one of the options.
  9. Sorry, crossed wires there. I was referring to me having a weird driving technique.
  10. Thanks for that, very interesting. The way I drive I don't like much over 50gm at the back axle myself. Must have some weird driving technique.
  11. No need to buy compressed air even without a compressor. A workmate picked up an old spare wheel that was passed its best for nicks and painted many model aircraft with that and a quick trip down to the local garage would replenish his air supply for a while.
  12. Good reviews. Obviously I wasn't in your proxy but have been keeping an eye on it. With your last top off review of your own car you didn't include the separate weights over the front and rear axles. Would be interested to know what they are thanks.
  13. Wobble

    18k ff-050

    That's a darn good question. Must have a hunt around and see if I can't find them and pull finger and get one into a car.
  14. Interesting that the rear tyre markings look almost like those of Slot.it's competitors.
  15. Maybe these are similar to 18k SRP motors - https://www.ebay.com/itm/2PCS-MABUCHI-FF-050SK-11170-Micro-Motor-DC-9V-12V-17500RPM-for-Car-AV-CD-Player/262360539801?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Also, I'm guessing these puppies have a 5mm centre rib on the hubs so Supergrips will be all the go too.
  16. Thanks warrick, was kinda hoping for something that was lying in the unused draw or parts bin.
  17. The RK rocking type pod will take a FK-180 (long can) with a little bit of modification to the front mount to allow for the terminals and this pod will fit in cars with a RX-41/42/B type pod. I fitted a NC2 almost straight into my 'Cuda with an RK pod and a fit of filing of the plastic.
  18. Hi guys, looking for a short tail version of this car, livery doesn't matter, missing or glued bits OK providing the chassis is good as it won't be going 3d. Awaiting your pm. edit:- prefer standard version with livery rather than plain racing version thanks.
  19. For being "reasonably new to slot cars" you're doing great. ..... You're streets ahead in terms of IT and 3DP than I am and ever hope to be.
  20. You make them Bingo and I'll take 4-5 off your hands. Can't seem to find the early Slot.it Boxer pods anymore which is completely understandable.
  21. I do enjoy this little car but its chassis, which is quite brittle, has been fixed too many times (the arrows show too many breaks). I also have a Scaley Escort that's been converted to sidewinder that punches above its weight so I figured the Alfa could do with similar treatment as it's about the same size. The front of the Scaley Escort chassis and the rear of a Pioneer Charger chassis fit quite nicely with some down sizing.
  22. Cheers Bingo ... just thinking about it, the FK-130 could just go in an inline pod made for long can (FK-180) motors, like the earlier Slot.it Boxer pods, as long as there are mount holes in the same place, as the dimensions other than the length are the same. I'd be a starter for some of these then there are options for 2 motor types.
  23. Nice and neat looking pods there. It would also be great to see someone doing pods for FK-130's (inline or sidewinder). FK130's casings are actually slightly shorter than FF motors although the contacts protrude slightly more but almost exactly the same length including contacts as a FF-050. I know they're not widely used but I've got quite a few that could do with a home.
  24. If you want to do photos https://postimages.org/ is pretty straight forward. I'm pretty useless when it comes to computers so if I can work it out it must be dead simple.
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