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  1. Very nice looking HQ. There's a 'to do' HQ in my pile somewhere, just need a round tuit.
  2. Just a thought, if your interested but not a Trademe member and you'd like this in your collection, maybe we could come to some arrangement to nab it. A pm will start the ball rolling.
  3. This car is for sale on Trademe here in NZ - Scalextric Holden Commodore VX Valvoline No.34 | Trade Me Marketplace It isn't mine but just added it here if you're interested. Looks like this - Scalextric C2519 - Google Search
  4. Wobble

    New Scalextric Cars

    Yep, got one, 148mm long, 60.5mm wide and I've replaced the wheels with smaller diameter wheels in keeping with other T/A's and have approx 58.8mm width at outside of rear tyres.
  5. Who told you that? They true up pretty easy for me.
  6. In the deep end eh? Well good luck with that and playing with the big boys. Hope you noticed the small print. There's no money back guarantee with this one, but then it wouldn't have cost too much anyway.
  7. I put the piece of lead in the magnet pocket just in front of the motor. Truthfully, I didn't even notice a magnet pocket under the rear axle and had to look at the photos to check it out. Also, you'll need to use a photo hosting site and Postimages is easy as - Postimages — free image hosting / image upload -
  8. Looking good. I need to have another crack at my #79 Cougar 'cos it's the slowest. I think it's just a weak motor.
  9. Yep I noticed that in the photo but there is nothing there, just the refection playing silly buggers. However there is some weight; a bit of lead in the magnet pocket the same size as a magnut. The weight is 85 grams all up with 52g over the rear axle. ps Have you tried MJK's without sanding them but just rounding the edges a bit? If your wheels are reasonably true they are as sticky as. I've put them on cars with only the centres touching 1-2mm and they have almost too much grip.
  10. Good luck with it; well worth the effort I reckon...
  11. Best of luck with yours Matt. And, a couple of things I forgot to mention and that is the removal of the little man thingy on the top of the motor and any bits and bobs under the tray of the interior above the motor that can hinder lowering. Also, I replaced the front axle with piano wire so it's easier to true the front tyres. The silver marks on the front tyres (3rd pickie) show the lined up wheels when put back on the piano wire axle after truing.
  12. No problems, this was the most recent so I can recall better what's happened. I can't do a before and after but here is the end result. The quickest of mine can hold their own with the Scalex Camaro's and Pioneer T/A's I race against. What can't be seen is de-wobbling the standard guide (remove about 0.5mm from the top of the stem and don't tighten screw too tight (gorse pockets again)) and only the rear facing layer of braid under the guide plate. edit Also turn down the standard front tyres or use something smaller. and the process which isn't as bad as it looks. The chassis. Cut off each end as per pickies (I used a razor saw), shave/file/sand a bit off each side between the wheels (green arrows) and file off cups on chassis mounts (blue arrows). Under the body. Glue the ends into the body (green arrows), shave off the sides of the interior (red arrows) to allow it to sit down in the chassis and take about 2mm (+or -) off front body posts to suit.
  13. Thanks for that Oldskool62. I wanted to get one of these - Scalextric Chevrolet Camaro IROC No.33 SCCA Trans-AM (C4220) (pendleslotracing.co.uk) - and so far they're a no-show here and I didn't want to miss out so I took the plunge and added a Scaley Cougar chassis to the list. I like their Cougar and have 5 different liveries of them and have no problems getting them to go well. Sure it takes a bit of time and effort but definitely worth it as they go real good if you get it right and can hold their own against other standard s/w chassis'd 18k T/A cars. Also, I've got gorse in my pockets and would rather fiddle with a car than throw heaps of dosh at it to get it going well. The Cougar chassis has the right wheelbase for the HQ Monaro body I have and the width of the axles suit it too, and I'd like similar performance at the end of the day.
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