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  1. Nice looking car and great to be able to fold the top down too. Currently weighing up the pros and cons of selling our MX5 and replacing it with a ready to roll, road legal MGTF kit car. ps ... welcome aboard.
  2. Seeing the post Gazza added with the Bartlett Camaro got me thinking about something to do with Pioneer motors that I'd like to ask about. It's some time since this thread was current but I've been having the odd run with this car and recently dropped a Pioneer motor into it and now it can lap the track where I race as quickly as any of my Slot.it Group C cars and LMP's and it's quite a long track. My quickest cars usually take about 8.3 - 8.5 secs per lap. I remember reading somewhere about Pioneer's 18k motor specs and seem to recall that the output of one version was getting up there towards Slot.it's orange endbell of the time. There used to be a 'small p' version and a 'big P' version among others and it would be good to check it out if anyone can recall reading this post as well and knows where it is.
  3. That's how I used to do my proxy cars before I built my 'steam punk' as you called it, tyre truer. I always wondered why they went better around left hand bends than right handers.
  4. My blue one goes good, a few grams of lead on the DPR hatch watsit and BRM Nascar tyres and it's a good runner on wood no magnet with just the usual body float goings on. This #33 definitely needs to come my way and I'm not even a Chevy man/fan.
  5. If I recall correctly most Carrera front stubs are a loose fit in the inner hub and pressed into the bush and then the outer hub is glued to the inner. The long and short of it is it's near impossible to tighten them up without major surgery.
  6. Looking at Armchairs site and comparing my cars side by side, I'd say these would be pretty close. MJK 4292 - 4 x tyres to suit Scalextric BMW Z4 GT3 and others $15.00 OVERALL TYRE ON RIM (A) - 20.0mm OVERALL TYRE WIDTH ON RIM (B) - 9.0mm RIM (C) - 14.5mm RIM WIDTH (D) - 8.3mm OVERALL RIM (E) - 16.2mm STEP WIDTH (F) - 4.8mm
  7. Our scrutineer is a 2lb hammer without any feelings.
  8. Changes were/are good gazza and it went even better than expected. I reckon it'll be reasonably competitive and not at all like taking a knife to a gun fight. Just got to wait for this covid thing to sort itself out in the North Island and not pass it on to us, so us mainlanders can get out of lockdown and get on with life and get back to the track.
  9. Wobble

    Wide Boy XR3i

    Yep I could live with that. Good stuff. Will keep an eye out for sure.
  10. In my experience O-rings are definitely the way to go. I bought a couple for my home-made truer and they only cost about $2 or $3 each. Plus with one I sanded it down to almost half the thickness so it's more like a V-belt now and I've used this for well over 5 years and the spare is still waiting for its turn. I looked up Blackwoods and there's one in Darwin, if you're anywhere near there, and if you try them you might get lucky. If I recall correctly mine came from them.
  11. Yippee, arrived today and I had time after work to get it ready for slots tonight and a good result that runs well. Gazza's lowering tips (thanks mate), a bit of ballast, Slot.it C1 rears and NSR braid in a somewhat de-wobbled guide and 82gm all up with 47 of those over the rear wheels.
  12. Good bit of 'butchery' gazza. Mines landed in the country so shouldn't be too long and I'll be flogging your butchery tips too.
  13. All the wheel dimensions I've seen are total diameter including centre ridge.
  14. An email today from Armchair tells me one is on its way to NZ.
  15. I'll let one of the guys on standby have my spot thanks. Won't be able to make it.
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