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  1. Good call from munter. If it had been a horse race the win would have been by a nose. Congrats definitely to Dave and Pat for putting great imagination into action.
  2. Pretty much the quality I expected from HB. Unfortunately mine has stalled and it won't be ready for a run before the end of the month if ever. Good going guys and good luck munter.
  3. Wobble

    18k ff-050

    These el-cheapo FF's might be of interest to someone wanting a few less horses than the Scaley '18k' ??? rocket motors. They have marginally higher revs than a SRP 18k FF at 12v but as they only arrived today I haven't had a chance to try one as yet. - https://www.ebay.com/itm/2PCS-MABUCHI-FF-050SK-11170-Micro-Motor-DC-9V-12V-17500RPM-for-Car-AV-CD-Player/262360539801?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  4. Oh no ... I didn't say one and a half centuries
  5. and it arrived today so I'm happy. OK so I had to give them a bit more dosh to have it sent by Express which meant it came by air but the regular price would have meant it came by sea. Seems like Corona has pretty much turned the clock back half a century+.
  6. Yeah, thanks dm, it's come in useful at different times
  7. Good, no, great job there rosco. I can't imagine for the life of me taking such care to make a motor bracket. If it were me it'd be a bench vice a cordless drill and a ball pein hammer and wouldn't look half as good. It won't be long before people will be lining up to get your brackets
  8. Thanks for your input guys but I think munter is on target and it's not just a regular FLY/GB track/Flyslot/Slotwings guide. I've been doing a bit more searching and I tend to believe it's a FLY racing guide. https://old.slotforum.com/reviews/flyracingreview/index.htm
  9. Hi guys, I've been fiddling around with a Pioneer Charger chassis and found this guide in my stuff and it's a nice fit in the chassis. Does any one know the make? I've had a look through different sites like Armchair and Pendles etc but can't find it anywhere. Maybe someone knows who made it.
  10. My Javelin is now a sidewinder utilizing '70 Camaro axle sets so the Javelin hubs have found a new home. Fronts are standard Javelin fare and the rears have been turned into inserts and I'm liking the looks of these on this
  11. Liking where this is going Mac and keeping an eye on it as I have one of the 60th anniversary models that needs 'improving' too ….
  12. I think you should go with your gut feeling if you want to retain the standard interior too.
  13. I wondered if the Cortina might be too cool … … Is it a bird? … is it a Plane? - http://sligosligonews.com/is-it-a-bird-it-is-a-plane-no-its-a-dick/
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