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  1. Crikey, (as my mother used to say) that does look good.
  2. Wobble

    Scalex Ute

    Looking good Mac. Often thought of hacking up a V8 into a ute but thinking about it is as far as I got. Good to see you did it.
  3. I've got the Van Gis SP Tools Falcon same shape and although I've lowered it a bit, it's still got the slightly shaved support posts although no help with your quandary.
  4. Have to agree with the others ..... looking good so far, but wouldn't expect anything less Ross.
  5. I've seen photos on this forum not so long ago of PG's with a red glow. Dunno whose car it was though.
  6. If it were me I'd be picking the closest MJK size to what I wanted and making hubs to suit those. eg 4261 for Scalextric Cortina, 4272 for Scalextric Escort.
  7. Yep, had a couple of those start turning red and go soft and started to crumble. Figured it was a bad batch.
  8. Mine hasn't got pozi drive screws, I just used an allen key to undo them.
  9. Sorry but can't help you with any thoughts concerning an a/w NSR Mosler as I only have a sidewinder version although I would imagine the forum has its fair share of a/w Mosler owners that could chip in with theirs.
  10. Thunderslot is indirectly related to NSR so no surprise to me that a slight angle exists as a sidewinder. To my way of thinking there's not enough angle to call it an anglewinder but I guess there are some pedants out there that would.
  11. My McLaren Elva hasn't been overtightened on the base and the pod pulled by the retaining screw. Maybe they need to add a bit of material where the mounting screw goes through as well to save pulling the pod out of shape.
  12. Going by picture 5 it seems although the tyres are clear of the plinth when the car is screwed down, the mounting screw doesn't need to be tightened quite as much as it has been as the pod is slightly out of shape. Dunno if this is your #5 Rosco but it's there nevertheless.
  13. A Tamiya plastic scriber does the trick for me just gently a little at a time.
  14. Can't comment on a Mosler beater but if you intend to run superfast cars with magnets you might find that the speed that they fall off the track, and they will, is a lot greater and often the damage is too.
  15. Yep, I think Malomay's hit the nail on the head. Sounds familiar.
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