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  1. Sorry guys racing called off due to lack of runners.
  2. Gents, Pretty sure my round is next on the calendar. Having a bbq for tea. Practice from 4ish Tea @6ish Racing @7
  3. No food for me either mate. Cheers...
  4. Glad all had a good night. Yes I'm sold on the fuel racing concept Gaz. My fuel strategy skills must be better than my consistency skills. I'm impressed the Track timing ran without issue all night too.
  5. Next Round at oldfield court raceway. Have updated RC to the latest version so hoppfully this puts an end to track Comms errors. Usual pizza or BBQ if not too cold.
  6. Season 2 round 3 at Oldfield circuit raceway St Clair Saturday 9th May Practice from 4 pm. Thinking pizza for tea from SAMs need to order prior to 6pm to avoid hold ups Or dominos/pizza hut etc Pm me for the address if required.
  7. Count me in. Little Caesars???
  8. Thanks to all that came along Saturday evening i was a little nervous how the night would pan out with stability of the Arduino and track being freshly painted and taped etc. We did finish later than recent nights but got there in the end. Thanks Gazza for setting up the racer database with photos of drivers an all on R/C. Thanks Brooksy and Rosco for locating the backup of the race so we could complete the last 2 heats. Regs Lawrence
  9. Cake, slot cars and sense of humor is all thats required Craig leave the flowers in the ground mate...lol
  10. No plasma Gazza. The big tv and lounge was the trade off for getting the track inside the house.
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