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  1. Its hard to see from the angle of the shot, but it looks like those wheels have some matreial inside the dish of the wheel (around the axle). Could you shorten that and the axle aswell without comprimising the strength of the wheel so the insert goes in further?
  2. Would it be possible to put a tab in your user profile where there is a map where users can put their locations into so every one can see. I use one on a non slot website and it seems to be powered by google maps so it shouldnt be too hard to get working, but Im not a computer genius so im only guessing it would be easy. Obviosly it would need to be non compulsory or even just a rough location would be fine, but maybe have retailers have a different colour so they can be easily seen. Good idea or bad? Not possible or not worth the hassle?
  3. Lovely work. Correct me if Im wrong, but your Charger is actually a 69 Plymouth Roadrunner. What chassis do you use in these cars? Are they 1:24?
  4. 3/32 not 3 3/2. nice work on the Metro, thanks for sharing what work goes into modifing a slotcar.
  5. RacingJoe

    Dodge Drive

    Your scenery looks very dead and lifeless, almost like a ghost town, and your cars look a little on the grubby side. When I look at the pics I think of absolute silence being broken by the roar of old retired race cars being put through their paces one last time in a deserted wasteland. Great Work.
  6. I think I found my problem. I think its in my controller extension cables. If I set the pit as LC only it works fine, but removing both buttons and just stopping does nothing. When I plug the controller straight into the powerbase the brake button works fine. Its strange that it only seems to affect the brake button while using RCD but otherwise it seems to work fine.
  7. I just looked though the settings and changed the pit to brake only and there is no pit lane added in the track interface. All I get now is the word PIT randomly flashing where the green flag is when I try to refuel, but no fuel. With the 2 sec delay and fill rate of 20 per sec, it should fill up from empty in 12 sec, correct?? Could it be a controller issue or is there another setting I should be looking at? Edit: If I set the delay to 0, it does refuel but still flashes. This does not seem right to me, but atleast its working.
  8. Thanks Dave, All your hard work is appreciated. This may be a stupid question, but I'll ask anyway. Can I run a fuel race without having a pit lane? I cant seem to work out how to refuel. I have a pit lane, but it has no sensors, so it is bascally a spare lane I can use to stop to refuel and not distrupt the race.
  9. Whats wrong with buying stuff and selling it for profit? Every store owner does it and if I was in a position to do it I would do it too. I highly doubt Miveson has bought every last Capri for sale and deprived you of actually owning one.
  10. RacingJoe

    Car Spotting

    Yeah, they do rust easy. My boss is alpha mad and even he admits they have a minor issue with corrosion. Hes got a couple of Berlinas and some GTVs. He races the Berlina and is converting a GTV rally car to a circuit car.
  11. The decals are done, clear coat is on and the interior has been painted. I have a set of ninco 5 spoke wheels fitted until I can find a better solution. Glass is the last piece of the puzzle and then I can call it done. My first atempt at trying to make a rear windscreen out of clear packaging didnt work out so good. I had trouble getting the contour right and getting a neat fit. Has anyone got some tips for making one off glass for their cars? What is the easiest material to work with?
  12. Nice work. You must be glad to have it running. I dont know why, but Ive always liked this model but I want to build a lime green one in 1:32. Thanks for sharing.
  13. I will probably stick with using MDF to make things easier for myself. I will be using copper tape which I dont think would stick well to the rough finish of ply wood, and the more I think about it, the sides of the slot would be rough and would probably splinter easily. I just need to finish a few other projects and then I can start routing.
  14. Yeah, I agree you would be mad to have any tigtness, let alone lock the front axle solid. I think that statement would be true in a perfect world where you can acheive zero friction, but here in the real world even the best set up front end will create some drag, even if only minute.
  15. Thanks for that tip Phill, that would explain why they are loose. I dont have a Ninco axle to check them but I have glued them on and they seem to run well. I still cat believe I didnt think about puting super glue on the front tyres but I do remember reading somewhere that if your front tyres are set up correctly, you can have the front axle locked solid and not affect the performance of the car.
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