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  1. Did I read it right......l won a stage?? (Well the car did)
  2. thanks Mike, if only I could drive the bloody things, has anyone got the Thunderslot Lola Spyders yet?
  3. Thank you Dave and all hosts and helpers and of course all the contestants. Two 2nd place in two classes for me my best proxy results yet. Well done Mike it went down to the wire.
  4. Thanks Mike and crew for running the round,and congratulations Mike, a hard fought series. I'm happy with my results, I hope I can have the same luck in the Group 5 Proxy. Well done all.
  5. Totally agree about facebook, its very high priority on my dislike list.....tho I have used it cos relies do.
  6. Thank you for your kind consideration Chas.
  7. Great report, thanks for hosting, some interesting results.
  8. Thanks Rossko for all your hard work, looks like my "Bubble" has burst LOL, congrats to Mike, Gas4it and Dave .
  9. Will post mine next week, it's in therapy at present.
  10. Thank you for hosting, Rossko, congrats to Mike, looks like the next two rounds could be exciting.
  11. Thanks Snurfen for running the rounds, some interesting results.
  12. Same on mine, last year's tyres actually.
  13. Chas, what's the Sprite Proxy, have three of those little fellahs.
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