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  1. I know i should not and i thought about it but how could i resist a Aston Martin DB 9 in Gulf colours look at it, so the dirty deed is done it's ordered, and yes Ember website only don't know about keeping prices down the P&P & carriage don't help.
  2. Great news Dave great place the I.O.M thanks for all you are doing and all involved have some fun like your thinking about the leading cars won't work on 59 Snurfen he's from Wales so his car would be used to rain and it might give him an edge looking forward to seeing how it all pan's out.
  3. Peter Gunn

    Moffat Falcon

    Hi guys the Scalextric Falcon i have found is not a bad slot racer admittedly i have modded it somewhat to take on my Pioneer Charger And Mustang both running with 30k & 25k motors, and fitted a 29k slot it in, all three are on MJK's, the dimensions look good going round the track it looks spot on and it is better balanced than the other two and of the three the better all round performer and quicker than the Charger. ok we have plenty of slot cars over here but are lacking in British saloon cars, and i agree with the sentiment in buying your native cars perhaps one of the other manufacturers may pick up on interest from down under and stop the deluge of group c and the like we keep getting
  4. Nice looking track Matt looking at the times quite fast seems bribes are in order Gazza for the last round so i would offer you 2 packs of Y fronts someone idiot bought me at xmas oops sorry love, if it gets me up the leader board. Ummm unused
  5. The Army 111 man is most surprised wow 5th and no bribery of leeks and daff's, well done Martyn great result congrats to all who took part, and thank you to my mentor who deserves the thanks.
  6. Well 4 day hangover great pictures the track looks a blast to drive i like the yumps, you must be having a rest or more of the hair of the dog congrats to the workers for putting it on and all the hard work
  7. Well done to all and Martyn your colleague forgot about the cull or is a better driver than you 111 up to 9th in stage 2, blimey that's a surprise.
  8. Under way at last Snurfen or Martyn to Aber, Abercav, Abegave oh that place in Wales where you can wear your shorts and sunglasses as i beleive a rare sigh sun has been sighted there talking about a rare sight gazza last time i saw something like that but bigger was when a friend was castrating a pig , and all the blokes were nervous then
  9. Great looking track alexis think all the cars will like racing on that except 59 nowhere to stop for a leek, on the map i see England, Scotland, Ireland where's Wales gone just a green blob with no name slotcarman fab place the I.O.M, is it that little dot of Snowdonia then , Gazza not a rugby match a slaughter by the Lions front row, does snurfen wear that leek down his club , a snurfen cull due after his remarks on 111 the army car let battle commence then when is it by the way Hahaha
  10. Well snurf looks like a perfect test day in Wales i presume the circuit is in the greenhouse and are you sure it's Wales the sun's out like the garden no daff's can't be Wales enjoy yourself mate that's what this is all about.
  11. Hi Snurf so glad the cars found their way to Wales and i like you comments especially about no 59 devilishly hansom driver Hahahaha i like your jokes!!!! looking forward to the welsh section of the rallye always had a fantastic time in the valleys in my youth, oh the 111 car have to have it tight with Barings on it someone might NICK the contents.
  12. Coming from the 1960's where it was metal chassis , sponge tyres and bung the fastest motor you could in then add weight, and coming back in 2012 i have found the plastic cars more tricky to tune i use Slot It and run with 25K motors add a bit of weight and a good car, the biggest problem i find are tyres you can end up spending a few bob to get the right tyres and go to another track and they don't work currently using F15, F22, N22 compound Fly i have given up on and tried NSR, and very good straight out of the box, again tyres are an issue, Pioneer Mustang , Charger nice cars tyres again but a friend introduced me to MJK and now fitted on all these cars are able to increase performance the mustang on 25 K the charger on 30K and these cars are now very good indeed it is always worth trying to get your cars as the best you can, or like them to be that's the same now as was then in my book.
  13. Got it all wrong Ember if the guys in Scotland had drunk a dram or two of the real Mccoy before driving your car it would have possibly come first second and third
  14. Congratulations to all and well done the podium and the lads in Scotland looking forward to Wales and Snurfen country.
  15. Just to say to my Scottish cousins the racing has got to be hotter than the weather guys i'd offer my services but 400 odd miles away good luck thanks for all your doing and have some fun
  16. Yeah got a Guild Starfire Bigsby tremelo and three Strats and thunder out Peter Gunn with the band still when we get together recorded it long time ago and met Duane many times thanks for that next time he's over ask about slot cars with him
  17. Hi Guys fist time for me in this proxy racing using the lancer no 111 finding it more interesting than i originally thought must say the cars look great and some of the thoughts from you guys as well being a circuit racing man must offer my congrats to all who have done a great job with this part of me has been converted into a rally man and special thanks to my mentor you know who you are but for you would have missed out on an excellent arm of the sport of slot cars. ,
  18. Well seeing your buying Ember do you have single malt out there, someone mentioned about lager in Aus i always thought the men were beer drinkes and the ladies drunk the pints of lager i see my education about to pick up, i won't interupt the Aus/New Zealand wars just to say both good rugger teams but the boys in black have the style, looking forward to the tour of the cricketers and the lions pretty even i think Rugger the Lions, cricket not the locals sorry lads thought i would sit on the fence!!!. kalbellp, still running a couple of double plated 3 poles from 1966 rewound motors by the ace tuner then, my brother Ian and one 196b left in a GT bodied Lotus 43 with ballraces and a mrrc sterring unit with Riggen tyres on the back, did a bit with Team Russkit late 60's still have a Lola T70 1/24th from those days with a tuned russkit gold motor in , presume you have the plastic metal wars over here as regards slot cars as well
  19. Thanks guys yes the green machine in the rally first time for me looked interesting so thought i would have a go , cricket not these days played a bit but cricket not the same after a certain Dennis Lillee & Ian Botham played the game two of my heroes, Chris we eat anything over here but just don't know about it ,and laid back any furthur would fall over looking forward to meeting some slot racers or some rock 'n' roller or both take care.
  20. Greetings from a long way away to you all , slot car racer since 1963 when joined Hornchurch M.R.C where i raced until 1969 when it closed in those 6 years raced at most of the southern open meetings one of the first 6, 12, 24, hour endurance racers in 1/32 and mostly 1/24 the likes of Westcliff , Tottenham, Hammersmith raceways, spent from 1969 to 1972 a slot racer bum raced at many clubs by invite and finished up in the Nunnery at Leytonstone in 72 sorry folks the nuns had gone but a great 6 lane track to race on and that has gone as well, cars well in 1/32nd the M.R.R.C 3 and 5 poles, Pittman 196B'S and all the early cans in home built chassis the old brass rod and motor bracket type used the first Revell slot cars as well heavily modded by the end, in 1/24th Cucaracha style , flexi brass with most of the later cans in, some of the cars i still have Raced again in 1988 at Wellgate slot stox club until 1992 during this time concentrated on electric guitar lead guitar player bit of a rocker especially late 50's early 60's Duane Eddy style hence the Peter Gunn in 2012 slots again bought a large Carrera track in the garage and currently have the usual Slot it, Pioneer , N.S.R stuff mostly modified with more powerful motors and a few resins as well, a good friend told me about you all looking forward to meeting some fellow slotters . Regards to you all tag Peter Gunn me Keith Wells.
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