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  1. The legend that is Murray Walker has passed away at the age of 97, he was Mr Motor Racing in the true sense from competitor to commentator , can remember his many interviews with the top drivers in all sports and working alongside James Hunt that pairing was very funny, thanks for all the memories Murray, R.I.P.
  2. Sideways M6 have had this car for a little time over here , and noticed Mark Slotz NZ has it in his list so here are my thoughts, once you set the front grub screws up and run the car in you will notice what a great runner it is But lets start with the body BMW livery is quite nice artwork very good no overun on colour joining and the small printing is great nice details, the wing like all these cars ain't gonna last long but they do do a rubber one so might be worth getting if your engaging in combat with this car, interior has detail but basically white and black . Turning to the chassis mine is nice and flat , guide/ braids are good the pod is rather nice think it,s a hard one as it,s red, motor has no markings on it just a matt red colour i beleive it,s the Raptor 17 K if it is it,s bloody quick after run in, anglewinder gearing very smooth with great rear bearings , , wheels good nice and round and the rear tyres have a lot of grip on my Carrera track. On the track , after the run in period we have here a excellent slot cat , it handles very well indeed instant reaction through the esses no tail hang out , unless you really give it some wellie , still can't beleive it's a 17k motor stays very well with group 5 BMW with a 25 K motor in it , acceleration out of bends onto the main straight is impressive and top speed is more than any 17k motor powered car i have , last thoughts well i bought the white kit from Mark some times ago which has diffearnt specs to this , but this car is really a great drive as it is, i expect you can see pictures on Mark's shop site as i can't download pictures here .
  3. For the last year i think many people have been playing catch up , from decorating, doing those jobs you were putting of till tomorroow and sundry other things , possibly not when this started originally but definitly in the last 6 months or so here. I suppose i have bought slot car kits i might not have bought just for something to do , modified many of my older cars basically in the mechanicals , spent money on this hobby i might not have spent normally, but i think i,ve run out of things to do slot car wise , and my mate is the same has his own track so he's a lone racer like me we race against the clock taken cars which are really good in standard form and made them into super racers by upgrading the mechanicals and especially the motor . We have a little competition who can build the fastes Lola T70 Thunderslot and i held the record for 3 months with a Pirana 25 K ballrace motor in a ballraced sidewinder pod , i send my car to him to set laps on his track and he sends his car to me to set laps all this by post just something to do , but now the bugger has put a NSR 40k in his car and i knocked 3 tenths of a second lap time on my track with it , blimey that car is fast has trued and glued NSR Ultras on the back and geared at 11 x 34 , both our cars use the same set up. It,s just been really something to do to keep the interest alive , but we can't work out what to do next,any ideas .
  4. From one pom to another welcome , be good to have some company here for many a year i,ve been flying the flag in these proxies usually the skull and crossbones chuckle , to get the best info see what the locals use and do and copy it , at least to start of with.
  5. Ah i know this name seen it about overhere , welcome Alan to the UK branch of OZ i seem to have been racing in proxies for many years now down under , good fun and a great bunch of chaps, and it,s ok to mention cricket. chuckle
  6. Yep make sure you get right body chassis combination this one is the B spec body and chassis, Alexis when i drove my mates Revo Porsche i was dissapointed , but when my mate drove this it was an instant gotta get that chssis. I have many really fast handling cars and this one is up there with the modified Thunderslots i put on here last year with roughly the same specs as regards mechanicals.
  7. The Revo range of slot cars is quite popular here , i don't have any but a friend has so i borrowed his Porsche , now these cars are rather nice but to many exclusive componments which i can't mix into my stock of slot cars and interchange things . There are available now bubble packs of the bodies and a 3d chassis so thought i would have a go at my own Revo car , purchased the body at £25 which is already decorated and painted i chose the B Parmalat version and the chassis to fit at £20 so at £45 i have what i needed to build the car and use the rest from my stock of spares, incidentally if you had to do the lot i have done from scratch it would be a £100 car. The body comes with a detachable wing which is affixed to the body by a magnet actually a very strong magnet , neat idea , also you get a couple of lexan interiors which i didn't know why they were there until later, the chassis just comes with the axle grub screws already there. The build dead easy as this chassis is perfectly flat strong and hard and the body mountongs line up perfectly, so i selected a Slot it ballraced sidewinder pod, a Pirana 25 K Ballrace motor, slot it sidewinder gears 11x 35, a Thunderslot wood guide i recommend this as there is no blade recess underneath this chassis and the Thunderslot allows you to run the front low, NSR soft braids, titanum rear axle , Staff gold wheels and Yellowdog tres all round , weight was added midships and up front car weight is 87-6 gr all up. Mating the completed chassis up to the body noted why there are 2spare interiors , the original fouls of the pod top front rails , the spares are low depth, not a problem to change , remove the interior cut the drivers legs of , paint new interior detail and refix the driver in the new interior and all done, perfect no fouling at all. On the track after the usual lube and running in gave this car a really good hammering and what a great build, my mate came over and we both gave it some wellie , and his comments summed it up bugger me that car is very very quick and handles so well with that guide. Final thoughts really does look right flat low and wide , great body finish, down side the price of doing it , would i do it again yes thinking the Viper next even though the cost is a bit much but for a one off it,s great.
  8. Don't do facebook or any other of that type of platform, what's happening down under has certainly landed on top slot on our news tonight , knocked covid down a slot , be interesting to see what might happen world wide , unless the politicians are spineless , smacks of a dictatorship, and anyway about time these organisations paid more in taxes they are taking the P-------..
  9. Two Loti posted Monday no idea how long they might take from here to reach you , but at least they are on their way
  10. Speaking from up North chuckle, as regards weight on plastic track, i have never used magnets and never will, as regards weight all my cars have added weight as nearly all are plastic chassis , exception to this are my Tasman entries which are metal Beardog chassis, so heavy enough. Adding weight is esential as i go up in motor power , even with my IPS proxy entries they all carry weight and they are 14k powered motors , it,s not the amount or the quantity, it,s where you put it , i have found up fronr as near to the guide and front axle keeps my front stable and able to push the car into corners, also being a inline class some weight in the centre is useful, i don't put weight in the sides of the chassis in this particular class. Group 5 where we can use more powerful motors say like the NSR 25 or the Pirana 25k in sidewinder form the front weight is in the same place but slightly heavier that's to combat nose lift with a light chassis powerful motor combination, with sidewinder i always weight the pod as well , slightly weight the outer edges of the chassis, gives the car a more stable hug ground feeling. As regards group c cars i have 3 two Porsche 962,s Imsa and a Toyota , all are inline and all are set up as above , all cars are a great drive very stable, all cars are running the slot it 23 so have a fair turn of speed and a well set up Porsche on plastic track is a very good weapon indeed. Turning to wood the only tracks i race on which are wood are those in NZ and Oz and my cars are set up on plastic as that is all i have , over the years i have learned what to do and not what to do on wood , always taken advice and i have found my set up for plastic is not much differant to set up on wood now , and i,m fairly succesful in all the proxies i do down under, may not have a winning car but fairly competative and that is what i aim for.
  11. Interesting about group c cars , have always thought it would make a good proxy series similar to the Group 5 Dave runs over there as everyone seems to have at least one of these cars, odd about Thunderslot as i,ve never seen a magnet in one , people i know just weight them round about the same as any other slot sp/gt car. But there are those who don't weight at all and wonder why the nose lifts and deslots as the car runs in and get's faster and faster , chuckle, have one such car here a friend bought and had that trouble so i,m adding a bit of weight to cure the handling problem , mind you the latest Thunderslot motor does seem faster than the original one's testing it this morning.
  12. Sorry to hear your news Paul, take it easy mate and a speedy recovery to.
  13. Peter Gunn no 14 Lotus 24 B.R.M P/P body Beardog chassis , Tassie 1790 motor, MRRC guide, Slot it pinion, Slot it crown wheel, gear ratio 9x24, rear tyres Yellowdog compound, Rear wheels RS, Front wheels RS. Dixie no 16 Lotus 24 B.R.M P/P body, Beardog chassis , SRP 18 K Motor, MRRC guide, Slot it pinion, Slot it crown wheel, gear ratio 10x 24, rear tyres Yellowdog compound, Rear wheels RS, Front wheels RS.
  14. This motor set up in my opinion is one of the reasons why these cars go so well you have both advantages of angle and side in one package, the angle of the gears seems to be ideal for smooth fast running , i have put brass pinions on 2 of my Lola T70,s which were the first two produced and found the cars are still remarkably smooth and quiet, and even though these cars have done a lot of running that contrats shows hardly a sign of wear. The Mosler is a hot car for some reason this car stands out above the others just on sheer performance , i bought the NSR Porsche 908 to run with my Thunderslots as it,s a sidewinder, and after a bit of tweaking gives them a run for their money.
  15. Yes my Elvis has the 3 names to the left of the 5 as you look at it , and also if you look lower down just before you get to the silver line you can see the first 2 names again, i used a mag glass , the wheel inserts look a bit like the T 70 can am one's, just ran it with the tyres as they were noticed these tyres appear to be a larger dia than on the early cars, seems more room under the rear. Body joining lines are similar to yours but not quite as prenounced, i thought originally the release was going to be the Graham Hill car in the silver livery, think this gold was not on the car when Hill drove it , wondering if it was done for the film
  16. Got quite a few Thunderslots Roscoe and think you'll be very happy with any you buy, it,s not quite a r-t-r out of the box car i have found needs a little setting up but they all go really well, i have done a few comments on these cars on Auslot in the past. The tyres are very much like NSR's classics treads which get better and better as you run the car in, the motor is really good for the K rate in fact i,ve found comprable with many 25's , but the best part is the handling in my mind one of the best handling chassis around , i,ve put differant harder chassis in a few of mine and that makes them even better on Carrera track, and of course they now do a wood style guide , bit bigger, wider and deeper but the same shape. I also have Elvi's Elva , i didn't know he ever drove it , and think he just posed in it for screen shots, enjoy the experiance.
  17. Well in the UK were just short of 100, 000 deaths and right in the middle of a big spike, hospitals full and no end in sight , mixed messaging but in my opinion we will be in this state for some time, all most of can do is follow the rules and keep distancing.
  18. I run Thunderslors on my Carrera track and use a wood guide , that comes as a spare for Thunderslots, also i use Slot it wood guides on all my other makes, do not have any cars you might call standard , all have been tweaked somewhere , all my NSR's run with the wood guide they sell seperatly as well , why well the Carera slot is a bit deeper and a bit wider than most others. As regards the Mosler you can tune cars to be competative with it , and a good base srart in my opinion would be a NSR 908 , Thunderslot Lola , Slot it cars are good but not quite in that class , unless you fully mod them and even then that Mosler is a slippery customer.
  19. Hmm interesting been using the beardog chassis kit for a few years in this proxy, and does seem odd for it to be questioned now, would love to build my own chassis but skill set is not good enough , putting the bloody kit together and modifying it was hard enough, and adding detail especially this year as i have entered two cars with the beardog chassis, presume Charles will let me
  20. Agree about this light RTR chassis have 2 Merc DTM and 2 Calibra DTM's and now the Skyline and just weighed the five of them and the Skyline is the lightest and the other 4 are not much heavier heaviest is one of the Mercs at 89-06, have found this is around the right weight for these inline cars , gives them a nice balance especially out of hairpin corners so smooth and just the right amount of rear movement to put the hammer down quicker. On the lead thing always used it have found placing a bit of weight in the chassis especially up front prefebl;y under the front axle or as near as possible make a lot of differance well plants the car into and out of corners , can't remember the last time i had a car that washed out at the front in corners .
  21. Hi Mark typing error should read 85-01 all up weight and should have added 60-40 bias towards the front, odd car this one feels like driving something from a few years back but as it is well run in now going very nicely indeed . Bought the black Calibra no 7 just before xmas , now this car is a weapon again once run in and a perfect flat chassis , got some spare slot it inline long can pods and a spare flat 6 R so going to try that in it as a comparison as a chassis test .
  22. Peter Gunn

    18k ff-050

    Seems to be getting difficult to get lowered powered ff cans , as far as i know SRP are finished and looks like the 18k has now joined the 16k as unobtainable , has anyone tried the 16k PSR ff motor ? if so be interested to know how it performs.
  23. Personally think Lewis will stay with Merc until he decides to leave, as a marketing tool he is very valuable to them in more than one way, he may cost a lot but brings a lot of coverage to the Merc brand all over the world, don't think for profile in F1 there is anyonr bigger. Apart from Russell there are so many drivers in the current F1 scene who could drive that car actually better than Russell, always felt Max would sell his soul to get his bum in that seat , longing to have world titles, Perez would be very good , and i suppose at least 10 more drivers would be very fast in a Merc. My driver combination at Merc alongside Lewis is Danny Ric has the right temperment to race with Lewis and more fearless that Lewis who let's face it has nothing to prove anymore , where as Ricciardo would push at all the boundries , that's why he will never drive a Merc while Lewis is there more the pity.
  24. O come all ye faithfull, joyful and triumphant O come ye the slot club is open again O come and bethold him holding his new slot car O come let us adore it O come let us all drive it O come let us all buy on And help pay the bills.
  25. I have given this chassis a very heavy work out , and have decided on a weight of 58-01 gr running with the slot it 23k most of my weight is towards the front , in the V area behind the guide post and a larger square piece between the front axle and the pod , and a piece behind the motor in that well for a magnet found this has given me a very nice fast handling chassis, and now on a par with the Calibra , not had any dip of the front corners in the bends runs as flat as a pancake, so cannot work out why those 2 bits of plastic exist.
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