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  1. Be interesting to know Phil why so many of us are of the pace this year , looks like outright speed looking at the amount of laps and lap times the top runners are doing, looking at comments seems most cars are handling ok, perhaps the drivers could let us know why so we can improve for next year There is one hell of a gap as well now in points looks like already the final results are between 6 cars , be good to get the field more competative in the future, can only find out what were doing wrong if were told so we can compete.
  2. On the posting issue Paul don't forget us up in the UK will have to really get our cars on their way by at least the 2nd, 3rd week of June as some postings to OZ and NZ are taking 6 weeks , so a address would be useful. Cars are Peter Gunn 111 Mercedes same as last year, but modified, Dixie 90 Opel Calibra, JohnniE Opel Calibra
  3. You and me both charles , not sure what has gone wrong with my cars this year, like me i suppose getting old.
  4. Just a query Paul ? when do you want the entry fee's and where do we post cars to , car's 515, 111, 90 are all finished and wood track tested interesting results one car broke John's outright lap record which was held by a Thunderslot Mclaren M6.
  5. Would expect a car that is used to a certain track and driven by the person who built it to be competative , home advantage is always a big plus, i,m just sending 2 normal cars with conventional chassis in and quite expect not to be competative with any car that has home advantage , without the likes of the rest of the field it would be a lonely race running on your own, but that way you could win every round.
  6. BARacer, let me try to help you as regards proxy tracks, down under , it,s a learning curve mate , not sure if it,s your first down under proxie but there are a number of things that happen to the tracks, firstly the weather goes from bloody hot to bloody cold and like all wood tracks it,s weather affected, and the locals know how to build cars to take that into consideration, the track surface goes from Ferrodo to painted also the locals know that and build cars to suit the sort of track they race on. I build a number of seperate proxie cars based on my experiance of racing on them in OZ & NZ but still very hard to beat the buggers, note experiance that you have to gain by listening to most of the advice your given some very helpful, but then there's Paul , never quite sure about him, however it,s a learning curve and you like me will learn the hard way what does work and what does not.
  7. Nice work Gary not thought of doing 3d printing myself but a lot of it about now , and after seeing all you,ve done giving it some thought
  8. I,ve found it,s horses for courses, Thunderslot are a very good all round drive on plastic track which a lot of us no club people use over here, i have found the latest NSR 908 a joy to drive also on plastic, and the Slot it Matra also has the edge on similar cars not only in the slot it range . But i don't own many standard cars as i,m a fiddler , and all of the above i,ve mentioned i,ve tuned up so they all go a lot faster than you'll buy out of the box, there is really no such thing as THE fastest car a lot depends on the track your running on and the set up of the cars. If i had to pick just one car i suppose the Thunderslot M6 might be it , once you have set it up properly and before i modified it i did notice it was the best of the Thunderslot cars i had , not by a lot but noticable, now in a staight line it was really no differance to the other Thunderslot cars i have still in standard form, but it seemed better in tight bends , now i just think this car is just that little bit WIDER than the others , and the balance and stance of the car seems better, but i still find the NSR 908 a very fast drive on my plastic track.
  9. Welcome Paul from a member who lives a little way away from you, hope you enjoy your time here , some very helpful people here as well , love your tracks by the way and the pose chuckle
  10. Ah we have found Paul out his MODESTY chuckle, didn't mention home advantage , track advantage, and being able to test on suitable tracks as well as writting the rules , but for us mear mortals who cannot complete with the god of slot cars , were only there to make up the grid for without us he cannot race at all
  11. Oh that's pretty, pretty, can we do body mods like leaving the wing of then to reduce top weight , and roll bars
  12. It is sometimes a bit complicated here running on mainly Carrera or recently Policar track when you enter proxies which are mainly on wood tracks , what works well on one does not always work well on another, running on Carrera which is now around 6 years old is not that easy to set up as it,s got a bit worn, so you have to allow for that , where as the Policar track is great to run on as it,s not had the wear so easier to set up on and gives a better feeling of how the chassis is really working. Having said that i actually have built a set of cars in most of the proxy classes specifically for wood as a friend of mine over at Stanstead has the old 4 lane Ford Dunton track so occasionally i can set up my cars on that especially for the NZ proxies like the Group 5 e.t.c, and it,s suprising the differance in the times , the wood track is pretty smooth and a painted surface , and of course i can run cars lower than on Carrera because you have to allow for the rails on that. There are so many differant things you can do for spacific tracks , always good to get advice from those that know, and for Chris i don't need rails to get a Pirana 25 k ballrave motor to go well , one of mine holds the lap record at the Ford track and wood has not mag attact, chuckle unless you know differant.
  13. Some time ago i mentioned about the Thunderslot chassis being a bit to flexi hence i started using the hard chassis and pod , basically to stiffen the thing up which work.s very well , as from that mom,ent on never had any flexing in the rear axle area even using much more powerful motors than Chris is here. As he said bracing is not new blimey we used it back in the 60,s a lot and with these plastic chassis and pods today which seem to be getting thinner and thinner i reckon along with Chris it,s a very good mod. those slotting plus tubes are great when you can get them , i have used aliminum and brass tune to do the same thing which seems to be just as good, i expect Chris may disagree with me he normally does with things i do chuckle.
  14. Interesting Mark didn't think of that , ive been using plastic of cuts araldited in the same places which cured any shudder , now done all my anglewinders works well.
  15. Have modified a lot of these cars and the current car pictured here has been given the works in preperation for a possible can am proxy overseas later this uear. Starting with the chassis which is hard , the pod is hard, the rear bearings are ballraces, the rear axle is titanium as i,m using the Pirana 25k ballrace motor , up front we have the wood guide and the wheels are Staffs blue anodised one's , there is a full spring set on this car The gears are 10x31 weighted and at the moment for testing NSR classic treaded which work very well when you run the tread of, so far this car is extremly quick and the handling is so very good that wood guide allows you to really lean on bends especially using early power out of corners
  16. Can a friend enter please his tag is JohhyE 515 and he would like to enter a Calibra , so i'll pay dues for 111, 90 and 515 when the time comes Paul.
  17. Dixie informs me her number is 90 oops can't upset the boss
  18. Paul can you add Dixie car no 99 to the list Opal Calibra, contact through me cheers.
  19. Just checking Paul along with my 111, Dixie 99 would like to enter a car as well.
  20. Hi Paul car arrived back looking great suprised after the hammering they must have taken, couple of comments can see a lot of tyre wear , and the amount of crud in the back shows i might have used the wrong grade tyres as the contrate was nearly on the deck, used PG's XPG's obviously to soft so will change the shore , never stop learning do we. Hope your getting on ok and looking forward to some more great proxy racing run by your good self, regards mate.
  21. Was not going to get this new car yet was going to wait for a decalled version, but amongst the test cars was a painted yellow one which i rather liked and i knew i had some decals to make it look a lot better than a yellow slab. On arrival it looked rather good and after taking out the magnet and inserting the front grub screws i gave it a warm up on the track, the rear tyres are treaded Supergrips and after a bit of running came in well as far as grip was concerned, now the motor is the 21-5 k evo which has a good turn of speed as it ran in, now over here this motor has caused a bit of interest as all the motor nerds reckon it,s 21-9 in the k range , i don;t know aBout that but it,s quicker than my older NSR motors in that form, just had to paint that driver. On the track it,s lively needs weight and softer braids in my opinion , front lifts when applying full power the motors run in and the rears have gripped up, and all is smooth so definitly weight the front, enjoyed the car great slot car , but i knew i could do better as i had the parts to do so. First was fit the NSR wood guide and softer braids, , motor wise used the Pirana 25 K ballrace motor which i am using a lot now , give loads of control smooth and very quick in this form, as i was using a ballrace motor only right i ballraced the rear axle , then some weight note the picture , decided to keep standard gearing, all the wheels and the original rear tyres as they were operating very well on Carrera track. Back on the track and yep lap times were soon in the modified Thunderslot range , can see this car being a very good stable mate for a mod Thunderslot in the same configuration which mine now are except for one Lola Spyder which is basically now the slowest of this fleet of cars , next for mods, i have no where to race so it,s me against the clock with each class of car i have and during the pandemick i have really gone to town in my quest for fast great handling cars. Few pictures.
  22. The German lady racing driver passed away after a 3 year battle with cancer, she will be sadly missed, remember her many apperances on Top Gear over here and was a very fast lady driver indeed , will never forget her racing a old white Ford Transit van on the Nurbering old circuit overtaking the local drivers in their fast sports cars, into the last few corners and saying , i don't seem to have any brakes left, R.I.P Sabine.
  23. That baby Raptor is a very quick motor for the rated K , the noise i think is not helped by the anglewinder configuration i have used valve paste on mine and that has helped a lot , remeber to wash it of though afterwards, tyre wise have fitted a pair of Yellowdogs to it and NSR Ultras , decided on the ultras just gives that nice bite before breakaway. That chassis is a beaut suprising how much you can overdrive the car and get away with it , may not be the quickest way round a lap but looks good with the tail out.
  24. I have converted the white kit one into a sidewinder as well as like you i prefer that set up , and it really is a great car to drive in either form but so smooth as a sidewinder , that large chassis and low body top weight helps in that way, was not thinking of getting another one but have changed my mind and will wait for a new livery to come out , they are just such a good drive
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