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  1. Been going on for years since the age of the can , there are people out there who will try anything , been in same motor series and been left for dead by identical car , and often wondered what the secret was until one day we found out and the member suddenly dissapeared.
  2. Just watch out for his charges for maintainance bit steep chuckle.
  3. In the UK our slot it moto9rs are being released with white bell ends , all of them , i have just got 2 23 K and 2 29 K and the only differance is on the side of the can's it is marked in a pen that rubs of is what that motor is , can see fun with this , as we have a number of clubs who designate what coloured bell end you have to use , so i can see a cross change of putting the 29 arm and bell end in the 23 k marked case , dead easy as i,ve just done it in 5 minutes.
  4. BARacer one thing i have learned over the years with proxies is to build cars for others to drive , make sure everything is as free as possible , with gearing look over past years and see what the local like Paul are doing, that will give you the way to go , make sure tyres are really first rate , again note what others are doing. I started modifying last years with what i learned from that season, as soon as i got the car back the differance this year i was able for the first time to test on a wood track with copper tape , and that really did make a differance to my thinking, as regards tyres , type size to work together with gearing set up's , i am already testing a car for next year with what i,ve learned!!!!! from Paul this year and the racing has not started yet, it really is continued development.
  5. According to the news here Paul Australia is heading to a long lockdown down to the spiralling out of control Covid cases , is this nation wide now ?
  6. With cars missing and Covid causing so many problems, plus the other problems non Covid, might be an idea to seriously think about cancelling the event until the new year Paul, and a suggestion about your May the downforce be with you , might be an idea to think of another line chuckle
  7. Hope your not making parking charges on my cars Paul they have been there so long forgot what they looked like chuckle
  8. Thanks for all the hard work put in to get this up and running, i,m afraid this year i found it hard to get into the series , agree with the comments about Covid and other factors so much going on in all our lives , just hope our governments stop making the same mistakes over and over again . Hopefully next year we might be able to get the feeling back into our slot racing , and we can all put more input into it, stay safe where ever you are
  9. Isn't that typical of the yanks holding everyone up chuckle.
  10. Have been running 3D chassis in all my Trans Am or similar cars for a while now, that includes Pioneer , SCX , and Scalextric, and found the following all cars are a great improvement , more so SCX and Scaley those two by a lot , these chassis can be expensive now , but there is a chap called Angelo Amato over here who make quite a lot of these chassis and is one of the cheapest, around a tenner in our money. Then comes postage down under no idea what that is from here now but i'm sure if you contact him he would let you know , may be worth getting a couple of chassis, the advantage is many with 3d chassis lowering , better wheels and tyres and the use of slot it pods all add to the upped performance , don't forget to do srivers platforms as many of the standard interiors are to big.
  11. Was wondering when we might see the shakedown Paul, looks like some great cars this year.
  12. Not that great i,m sorry to say yesterday they reported over 46 thousand new cases, and 96 new deaths for Monday , so it looks like were in big trouble once again , Boris is asleep at the wheel of the UK Titanic i,m afraid, and were surrounded by icebergs.
  13. Yes i always weight the front of the chassis as near to the front axle if possible in that chassis the recess behind the guide post is the best spot i,ve found , apart from that i,ve only weighted the pod in front of the motor . Have found the tyres that come with it i beleive they are supergrips are ok but have changed to Ultragrips for wood , but the Supergrips seem great on plastic track like Policar or Carrera.
  14. Chuckle have you heard of the term sanbagging down under i wonder , think Paul has
  15. Applies to most of us Terry about feedback and improvment to the cars , some as you will have noticed are streaks above the rest , i,ve been doing this for a while now and at the moment the cars have gone backwards to where they were say a couple of seasons ago . There is a lot of variations in slot car motors and i have found that especially in the ff one's , tyres are cruicial there seem to be so many differant one's being used now, again a few years ago it was PG's or MJK so unless you are able to get the right tyres for the tracks you will always be playing catch up, i use a razor tyre truer but apparantly my tyres are not so good , possibly because i only have plastic track which has differant handling than the wood ones on which i do my set up's. You are doing pretty well mate at the moment and you will find it won't be 20 or 10% improvement but 1 or 2 is the norm and judging by other proxies i do getting into the top 3 is really hard when your looking for fractions, well that's my opinion anyway been doing these things for years now.
  16. VERY big gaps opened up now top 3 are in another league to us mere mortals chuckle , i think it,s all over now, roll on next time.
  17. Alan if you PM me with what your after i do import Nicks tyres for others as well as myself but only the R-Y range and very limited at the moment waiting for another order , i have some in stock think 1204 7mm 1402 9mm, 1403 10mm, 1404 10mm width , shipping is very expensive so worth while shipping for others at the same time saves a lot in postage.
  18. After all Paul should know the way to go he won last year , and as far as the old slot it motor is conserned here it was found even they were of variable performance especially in the last year of manufacturer when some people tested the 21k as they were supposed to be and found 23K instead , very difficult to beleive any K rating on any make of motor ALL have variables.
  19. Phil think you hit the nail on the head about tyres , the lack of track usage and racing time at some of the tracks , one club i know here has pretty bad grip levels when they returned and after cleaning the track took a long time to rubber in, think most people prep their tyres reasonably well now. Also as we know weather makes a differant to track surfaces , especially wood , i use a home track of plastic which does not seem to suffer with the same problem, pretty consistant winter or summer in my garage which is under the building. .
  20. Great info Phil just what i was looking for on car's 14 and 16 , Tassie tyres ? where do i get them using Yellowdogs this season, last season used XPG's and before that MJK's , car 16 was the extra car this year and interesting to see that the SRP 18K motor in that is now 2 seasons old and just seems to be running faster in a straight line, have noticed that before . The ff motor is one i don't use at all except in the Tasman and that's the only milage they get , so have to put more miles on them here to really run them in.
  21. Peter Gunn


    We used to get Nascar a lot in this country , but these days it,s hard to find anything about it at all, rely on you Tube myself now , pity there is not more interest in Nascar slot cars like there used to be a few years back , especially now there are 3d chassis for these cars
  22. Dennis i have been entering this proxy for a few years now and have always considered all proxies a learning curve especially when you have no club track to race on , i set up on my home plastic track to race on wood tracks and in some proxies i'm reasonably successful, not over bothered about winning like some , but want to turn out a competative car to compete so will listen to any advice given. The problem i seem to have once again is not drivability or handling but my motors don't seem to give the performance of others i,m using the Tassie 1790 and the SRP 18k and i,m gearing the same as most of the top guys do, so i would like to know where i,m going wrong as over the last couple of series my cars have improved slightly but have gone backwards as far as results are concerned so i,m trying to fathom out why , so if there is a next time i can put a better car out. I am actually building a new car , using the beardog chassis as i,m unable to make a brass chassis due to arthritis in the fingers so it does take me time just to do modiifications to it and use some of the advice i,ve been given, don't want to make any mistakes i may have done in the current cars , hence i would like some constructive feed back to improve , as i,ve said always want feed back if the car is a pile of S------ tell me i don't mind at all.
  23. Disagree Paul think we need to find out why the large gap so others can catch up, top 5 are away as regards points , look at the fastest laps gives you a good idea as to the performance of the cars , couple of tenths is a big gap , all i would like is a view on what the rest of us mere mortals are doing wrong, i cannot learn on the track as i'm in a differant Hemisphere so rely fully on feed back. For most of us the series is over have no chance of a competative come back lot of differance from 50 points for finishing first and 23 rd place and last getting 4 points, i know there needs to be us also rans so the top boys can feel great being there , without the rest of us you don't get to race , so all i,m asking is some decent feed back so we can have a go and compete.
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