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  1. Well it,s a rock 'n' roll xmas for me so hope you all can still rock around the clock to the dawn light comes , not been a good year for so many but we can only be poitive for what lies ahead, take care and  look after those you love . MERRY CHRISTMAS . Merry Christmas Love GIF by Red & Howling

  2. Referance the IPS proxy i competed in this for the last few years and in my opinion this was the best proxy, well run by Alexis and such fun to follow your car from Greece, to Canada with a few stops inbetween, always a lot going on what with so many pictures , and comments.

    The cars were all great some lovely classic cars were entered in that , and from a personal point it seemed i could build pretty good IPS cars , have a couple of trophys sitting on the shelf here, but the main problem now apart from covid would be the cost of sending cars around parts of the globe, and customs, possibly it could become a one country proxy, i actually thought about it here but lack tracks.

    So perhaps those days are gone and the only type of proxy possible is actually a single country like Paul is running , but you still need tracks and people to enter it 

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  3. Hahahaha doubt if you will be able to do that BARacer, look think we all want to have some fun and be competative , been doing proxy racing for round about 12 years now and in that time met some great helpful people who really helped me get along with it.

    Never aimed to win as it,s very hard to do against seasoned drivers and cars in their own enviroment , but have managed to put out reasonable cars that might give me a go of a podium or two,  Proxy racing is no longer the force it was , not so long ago we had the OZ rally, Tasman, ATCC,  and the WRP which alone had 40 odd entries but like every thing people loose interest , sometimes it is because they can't see any light at the end of the tunnel, some get bored , and find they just can't build competative cars.

    There was Alexis and the IPS proxy in my opinion one of the best again over 40 entries and it was really good to see your car one month in Oz then Scotland, Greece, Wales e.t.c and Canada , we had regular updates , pictures comments on all the cars from the venue's  and the racing was really good , like all venues some strange drivers but you learned to build cars others could drive, you never stop learning.

    Paul and myself had great competition around 3 years ago in this proxy when that went wider a field we both ran similat Merc's and it was nip and tuck but always good humoured fun really looked forward to where each of us were, things have changed now , as i have said these proxies have been waining before Covid and the usual one's are no longer running due to this and as i have said costs involved, and times they are a changing my friend.

    Over the pond there are a few interesting proxy racing series like the 997 Porsche i though i would have a go at this year , another learning curve , knew i could build smooth well handling cars but once again i am finding lack of straight line pace  affects my lap time not by a lot as that proxy has a lot of very competative cars in it think a couple of tenths cover around 15 cars most races, but i have picked up in the comments from each venue useful info to improve the car this time i know i need to change the motor, to use  the one which is doing well  overall so far , as i have found that motor is actually running better here on my track than my entry , so that is another learning curve.

    My time is drawing to a close what with health issues and i suppose getting a bit bored with the length some proxy's take to run, understand  that people who run them put a lot in to making theas things happen and have always tried to support them even those miles away , as without the support there will not be enough entrants to actually run them , not much fun having no REAL competition to improves your skills


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  4. Seems like your bored sticks of the whole scene chuckle , this series is over and dusted the leading 3 cars have no competition, out on their own, and i do wonder why they are so far out in front.

    The real racing looks to be in the middle , through no fault of Paul's well not on this one a proxy needs to have regular updates and info , found before Covid interest was waining in proxy racing generally , you could see by the entries , then the costs of sending cars , from here is just about finishing my interest, and that's without all the problems when the cars got there.

    Think our 3 cars left here pretty early in the year, and everything is Covid affected , i did want to withdraw our 3 cars when the mag issue arrived , but Paul sort of talked me out of it , wished i had now , only left them there as it was John's and Dixies first time , well it has turned into the one and only time .

  5. BOV had e mail exchages with Paul over this and sorted it out like gentlemen do ( no not pistols at dawn ) one problem i think many have is they don't own Mag masters and have no idea what amount of mag pull there is so basically flying blind , perhaps not such a problem for local racers but for the likes of us to send cars down there and then at a later date find they are causing a problem, then to send them back to be remotored and send them down under again would take by current standards about 10 weeks , i know one way as it took 6 weeks for a package i sent to OZ to get there from the UK

    Then there is the cost last package i sent cost $26 in your money one way 4 times that your talking around $100 not viable , i have made the suggestion of running a one type motor which would eleviate any problem, but not my decission , and anyway there is a problem as i explained to Paul around the new white bell end motors from Slot it , some are saying they are a better motor than the one just replaced i have no idea on this as Pendall's had them and 2 days later when i was going to order , sold out so i wonder if there is something in that , will find out eventually i suppose..

    I am suprised by the mag results as you know these are mass produced so things like magnets are cut from a larger piece not specially made for each motor , there will be differance as motors age they loose mag so it would seem the newer the motor is you get the max mag at that time , i could now go on for a page about differant types of material/ thickness of can but i won't, always happy to shed some light in the dark corners from what i have found over the years , but like in everything there are other opinions 


  6. BOV you don't get it Paul wants to change the rules , we took the 5 point penalty even after finding out it was for each race when asked Paul said it was a mixture of tracks, we now know that the majority of tracks well all except one are magna braid, and we will still take the hit at each track don't have  a go at me for raising this , it,s not even a nice try IT,S FACT, talk to Paul and find out the facts first, my version of plain talking. 

  7. Think it,s tim,e for some plain talking , firstly i am very suprised about the mag downforce on the 3 cars at the top, these cars are running bog standard B.R.M 23 K motors, JohnnieE and Sandra ( Dixie ) fancied having a go, so we decided to set them up on John's wood copper taped 4 lane circuit , first time i,ve been able to do a proper set up using a wood track.

    Initial running was very encouraging and performance was pretty good especially on my sidewinder Merc against the inline Opal's , there was no indication of any mag pull spinning the motor shaft and running on the wood track, there were a number of improvements i did do to my car from last year which was to reposition some of the weight, fit wider rear wheels and run Nick's Yellowdog urethanes true and glued on the rear , these alterations alone made the car handle better and led to faster times.

    Now as we all know this proxy has taken a lot of time to get running , not anyone's fault just covid , our cars along with many have been in situ with Paul for some months and a couple of months ago we had scrutineering where the mag was mentioned on a few cars , Paul around that time and after quali meentioned to me about 3 alternatives 1, withdraw the cars, 2, take a 5 point penalty if the cars were found to be not within the rules , 3 he would replace the motors .

    After speaking with the others we decided withdraw or take a penalty , we decided on the penalty, around this time we had picked upon the maga braid problem which was not on our radar as over here all the clubs located in Essex were running wood tracks with copper braid so magna braid was just not there  i have been informed by Paul that all the tracks bar one are using magna braid , and in his last e mail i will quote you what he said ( if you win the proxy based on the current penalty system you will kill the proxy and i can't allow that ) fair enough i can understand that .

    Now comes another rub our cars are not the only one's over the 30g , not quite sure how you take 5 points of poor Charles with his car having the lowest results based on lap times, and another thing looking at fastest laps if our 3 cars are that good why is there hardly anything between them and the next couple of cars does not make any sense to me, i have sent a e mail to Paul saying we would be prepared for him to do a motor change with 3 NEW Slot it 23k motors , but that was before i saw this , by the way Johnnie E car was according to Paul way down the field so obviously the mag did not assist him.

    My feeling is to revamp the current rules as Paul thinks there may be a need for it , which would mean cancelling this until a later date and return the cars for people to alter them , which would also judging by Pauls comments help the drivers relearn their craft driving slot cars , your thoughts would be appreciated, regards Keith. 

  8. One of my favourite tracks is Monza and i remember last year the Mclaren running well there and after the sprint race predicted Dan could win it and he duly did so i had brekkie in bed cooked by the missus for a change.

    Lucky enough to see the race on the box and as soon as he jumped Max at the start i knew it was on , watching both Mclarens they were fast and stable and there was nothing either Max or Lewis could do to get past them , even if Max and Lewis didn't play silly buggers there was no way they would have made any differance to the 1-2 finish.

    Only driver who might have got to them was Bottas but his tyres were gone at the end , and also there was more speed left in the Mclaren Dan setting fastest lap on the last lap , really impressed with both of therm and Lando is a very mature guy , so all in all a great day for the whole team.

    Next up Russia and we will see how the Mclaren goes there , both drivers are driving very well now so it,s all to play for.

  9. Hi Bov indeed this Predator ball raced motor is something i,ve been toying with for the last 3 months managed to get hold of 4 of them , but the import duty and the postage is really crippling to import them over here , no idea what all that would cost to import to OZ .

    Have mounted one in a Thunderslot Lola , a Policar P4 and a Slot it Mclaren M8 differant gearing to try to sort out the best on John's wood track seems just over 3 to 1 using urethanes is not a bad one all round .

    All for trying something differant that's why this year i ran with a BRM motor but looks like i am running foul with Paul as they are to quick, on copper tape wood track the Predator is about the same performance as the BRM, a lot smoother as your results in quali shows , your not far away from me , and i did a lot of changes to the Merc for this proxy first time ever i was able to set up on wood makes a lot of differance in getting the balance right , as in my opinion that's the main thing with the Merc.

    Be interesting as the series goes on as one thing i,m learning about the Predator is it gets better and better and brakes up as it runs hotter , trick is keep the ballrace well lubed with some grease, and great to have access to the com , keep that clean increases performance .  

  10. Been running the Predator motor here for some time and there is not a 22K there is a 25 K which looks normal, but there is a souped up 22-500 K with a translucent green end bell with full ball race shaft , which is very quick , i was going to use one in the proxy but didn't have time to set it up or check it out with Paul.

    My observations on these motors are the 25 is very nice indeed but that 22-500K is really interesting it is so smooth and i think is running a balanced armature , has some very good brushes which are visible through the slot at the bottom, on my home track geared at 3 to 1 that motor with the same set up is equal to the 25 but so so smooth, wondered what Paul though about it , interesting to see him comment.

  11. Agree  been doing this sport for 58 years and afraid i,ve seen it all well think i have , luckily people who i have met during the last few years on various platforms  do play with a straight bat and are always willing to help others , now that's sportmanship.

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