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  1. Hmm interesting been using the beardog chassis kit for a few years in this proxy, and does seem odd for it to be questioned now, would love to build my own chassis but skill set is not good enough , putting the bloody kit together and modifying it was hard enough, and adding detail especially this year as i have entered two cars with the beardog chassis, presume Charles will let me
  2. Agree about this light RTR chassis have 2 Merc DTM and 2 Calibra DTM's and now the Skyline and just weighed the five of them and the Skyline is the lightest and the other 4 are not much heavier heaviest is one of the Mercs at 89-06, have found this is around the right weight for these inline cars , gives them a nice balance especially out of hairpin corners so smooth and just the right amount of rear movement to put the hammer down quicker. On the lead thing always used it have found placing a bit of weight in the chassis especially up front prefebl;y under the front axle or as near as possible make a lot of differance well plants the car into and out of corners , can't remember the last time i had a car that washed out at the front in corners .
  3. Hi Mark typing error should read 85-01 all up weight and should have added 60-40 bias towards the front, odd car this one feels like driving something from a few years back but as it is well run in now going very nicely indeed . Bought the black Calibra no 7 just before xmas , now this car is a weapon again once run in and a perfect flat chassis , got some spare slot it inline long can pods and a spare flat 6 R so going to try that in it as a comparison as a chassis test .
  4. Peter Gunn

    18k ff-050

    Seems to be getting difficult to get lowered powered ff cans , as far as i know SRP are finished and looks like the 18k has now joined the 16k as unobtainable , has anyone tried the 16k PSR ff motor ? if so be interested to know how it performs.
  5. Personally think Lewis will stay with Merc until he decides to leave, as a marketing tool he is very valuable to them in more than one way, he may cost a lot but brings a lot of coverage to the Merc brand all over the world, don't think for profile in F1 there is anyonr bigger. Apart from Russell there are so many drivers in the current F1 scene who could drive that car actually better than Russell, always felt Max would sell his soul to get his bum in that seat , longing to have world titles, Perez would be very good , and i suppose at least 10 more drivers would be very fast in a Merc. My driver combination at Merc alongside Lewis is Danny Ric has the right temperment to race with Lewis and more fearless that Lewis who let's face it has nothing to prove anymore , where as Ricciardo would push at all the boundries , that's why he will never drive a Merc while Lewis is there more the pity.
  6. O come all ye faithfull, joyful and triumphant O come ye the slot club is open again O come and bethold him holding his new slot car O come let us adore it O come let us all drive it O come let us all buy on And help pay the bills.
  7. I have given this chassis a very heavy work out , and have decided on a weight of 58-01 gr running with the slot it 23k most of my weight is towards the front , in the V area behind the guide post and a larger square piece between the front axle and the pod , and a piece behind the motor in that well for a magnet found this has given me a very nice fast handling chassis, and now on a par with the Calibra , not had any dip of the front corners in the bends runs as flat as a pancake, so cannot work out why those 2 bits of plastic exist.
  8. Agree with DP201 interesting last round with the midfield group , basically the top 3 places on the victory podium were decided some time ago those 3 cars are just in a differant class , have no idea how they get that sort of speed out of those cars but very impressed. Be good if someone can take the time to give a final sum up on the cars over the series so us lesser mortals who live worlds away can gain some info from those who run our cars on the tracks down under, looking at my car in the vids seems i,m pretty comsistant on the vids but results are all over the place, would like to know before committing to doing a car for any future series, stay safe.
  9. Odd i have found mounting those sliders under the car they don't seem to do anything at all but make the front look lower , have fitted a thinner softer braid and weighted the chassis 60--40 , i am using the 23k motor in mine wanted to save a 21 for a proxy race and the chassis is really running well with Yellowdogs on the back nice bit of bite but gives me a slight controlable movement accelerating out of corners left gearing as standard and the brakes are really good . The white body kit has a seperate black front, spoiler and back, which has decided me to do another Black Widow type livery , just waiting for the right temp, to cold and damp at the moment
  10. Great minds nearly think alike Mark did a small write up in a similar vein in Slotforum, i presume you cut the 4 side chassis stops of as well
  11. Agree with Leo on the main point, was thinking we could possibly run the cars we have been using for the last couple of times in the WRP again , we all have them and most i expect would only need a set of new braids and MJK's, you would have to find out about venues and logically there would not be that many real rally tracks so there would have to be acceptance of race circuits in the mix. At the moment there is a proxy series going on in the land of OZ for touring type cars , perhaps some one down under might be able to work something out similar for rally cars, also you would have to find out first what sort of interest there would be before even thinking about it. The way this pandemick is going around the world there seems to be no early end to it , the experts ? are of the opinion that a vaccine MIGHT be available for all round about the summer/ autumn of 2021, but like all experts they all disagree, so as things stand the only possible way of doing it in my opinion would be a one nation approach, which would be basically Australia if someone would take it on , they do have the tracks and more into rally proxies than most , but.
  12. PG's Paul ,very big gap between first 2 and the rest of the field , closer with the next batch 114 to 110 covers quite a few cars interesting to see what tyres that group are using
  13. Looks like my car is gradually sliding down the race results , really suprised to be still 5th overall , have to think about a more consistant car overall, congrats to the usual top runners in a class of their own this series especially 32 coupe , but for his penalties would be smokin this.
  14. Just heard the news that Sean Connery has passed away, in my opinion he was James Bond, made many movies apart from Bond but it is Bond that will always define him , as a man he was direct, had great dry humour and said it as it was, so Mr Bond R.I.P
  15. If you check back through the thread you would notice there was a lot of chat about tyres and Alexis make in particulat always good to have a control tyre but in the case of that particular tyre think the feeling was it needed a bit more work, for a good urethane tyre a PG, Bosa, MJK and the Yellowdog work well Bov but with the PG and the Yellowdog both need some trimming width wise to get them regulation size
  16. Interesting runs Alexis , how many cars are using the BWA motor and how many the Jack Rabbit , and how does that work out on the results board.
  17. Shaynus you'll have to stop reading comics and read some slot car mags on how to build a slot car chuckle
  18. Having a closer look at the videos 111 looks like it is a red car with a blue stripe over it possibly a p 362 not the GREEN Ferrari 250 LM 111 i sent many months ago, why.
  19. Hi Alexis , what is happening with the IPS races this year , in my opinion it,s about time we sorted it out as it,s really not going to happen as it usually does , so might be an idea to call it a day and post our cars back please, there is to much going on in each country concerning the virus and everyones safety must come first. Perhaps 2021 might be a better year but i doubt it but you never know regards.
  20. I am not worried Lance i try to put a good car out in what ever proxy i do , my comment was about the rules if you have rules you build a car to them, if the rules are flexible state that , Paul wants to run a fun proxy well most are anyway that's why we do it , been a lot of chatter on here about cars and what's wrong with them , so was stating my observation, which i presume is still allowed even in Covid times. Paul and myself have been racing in proxies a few years and enjoy a bit of rivalry , expecially when we ran the same type of cars last time that's why i have entered this proxy, and now trying to work out how to beat him if i do this again, this is what proxy racing is all about , improving on what your currently doing , just one thing i would not mind changing for next time is upping the motor limit to 25 K.
  21. That's wrong if you change tyres for one should do it for all, many don't learn at all but rely on others , and it,s not testing your building skills many use plastic chassis , so that comes down to your tuning skills , none of us have much of a chance building cars to compete down under as we don't have home advantage that quite a few have, so no idea as to what's needed on the tracks down there. . I only run on plastic have no wood tracks anywhere near me and no clubs to practise at, so i have to learn from my experiances of proxies, and just hope i,m good enough to put a car up to run a whole series, don't expect any crowing rights over others , just gives me something to do that connects me still to slot car racing, but i read the rules. As i said just observing what others are saying, and lets face it if your tyres are shot half way through a series you ain't learned much.
  22. Interesting always thought the idea of a proxy was to set your car up for a whole series, including tyres , not send extra sets of tyres because you can't set a car up properly , just a obversation on what's being said.
  23. One thing i did mention at the start of this series was tyres , obvious to me looking at cars at the start some tyres were to small and would NOT get through the whol;e series , perhaps there should be a new minimnum start tyre rule, nice to see a new name on top , dissapointed with my car should have gone a lot better on that type of track, i'll congratulate Paul on his car this year something else .
  24. Car 14 will be back Lenny not sure what to enter yet.
  25. If your modifying try the Thunderslot wood guide on it , i am now fitting this on many cars here , one reason is i like the front facing grub screws really does stop any wire breakage as the screws nip onto the plastic of the wire so no stress point, secondly you can really lean on ithe car throught the twisty bits, have 4 cars fitted with this guide and a improvement of lap times on all 4 cars, and yes use a hard chassis have 4 thunderslots with these in now and again you can see the differance in lap times especially on a long track.
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